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back to school

Concentrate takes a break

It's Labor Day and back-to-school, which means pools close, notebooks open and Concentrate is taking a little down time. Not to fear, we'll be back in a couple of weeks with more stories about the people, policies, companies and organizations that are moving our community forward!

Katoi's menu

While it builds a home in Detroit, Katoi gets up and running in Ann Arbor

Katoi, a Thai eatery which started as a Detroit food truck, recently opened a brick-and-mortar location in Ann Arbor while a permanent Detroit restaurant is under construction.

Dr. Benjamin Edmondson at his YCS office

New leadership, new brand, new era: The big, broad vision of Ypsilanti Schools' new superintendent

Ypsilanti Community Schools is a district with serious challenges, from a shrinking population to negative perceptions. Dr. Benjamin Edmonson is taking them all on with gusto. Here's what YCS's new superintendent has planned for the struggling schools.

Chrisstina Hamilton at the Michigan Theater

Imported inspiration: Ann Arbor's one-of-a-kind speaker series

For more than a decade, The Penny Stamps Speaker Series has brought innovative artists, thinkers and makers to Ann Arbor to speak to students and locals alike. For free! It's the only program of its kind in the nation, and it's impact has help forge an unique connection between the community and the university.

Andrew Berki at one of North Campus' Solar Power locations

How green is the Maize and Blue? U-M's big sustainability goals

With climate change and sustainable practices starting to dominate public discourse, Concentrate takes a look at the University of Michigan's green initiatives and how they compare with other universities across the country.

Plymouth Road on the proposed Connector route

The future of Ann Arbor transit, part 2: Congestion and the Connector

As with most issues of transportation in Michigan, progress and innovation can be maddeningly slow. Even after six years of studies, plans for a north-south transit Connector in Ann Arbor are still under review. And that's only one piece of our ever-complicated transportation puzzle.

Mt. Biking (Arcadia Bluffs)

Vacationing in the trees: How forests are helping to grow Michigan's tourism economy

Sandy beaches and boating may be the quintessential tourist attractions in Michigan, but forests are driving a growing segment of the state's tourism economy. Here's why healthy trees matter for growing jobs and local economies in Michigan. 

Stefanie Staufer with her hot peppers at Tilian Farm

A fresh crop of local entrepreneurial farmers

Though affordable land has become a significant barrier to entry, the Tilian Farm Development Center is helping a new generation of farmers work local fields. They're savvy about social media, understand the strengths of niche marketing, and are, increasingly, women.

Court Innovations AB

Seeing is believing spurs growth for Court Innovations

Ann Arbor-based Court Innovations has created software that can navigate local online court systems for civil infractions and is used Grand Rapids, Highland Park, Ypsilanti, and East Lansing. Next up, expanding into New York, Florida, and California.

The Big House

MGoBlog discusses what the ADA changes mean for Michigan Stadium

It's not often that the Big House gets smaller, but that is exactly what happened to Michigan Stadium this summer. Concentrate's Jon Zemke asks MGoBlog's Brian Cook what these changes mean for Football Saturdays.

Brian McShane hoists a mug of Bavarian Bliss

Summertime and the drinkin' in Ann Arbor is easy

As we hit the dog days of summer, Ann Arbor takes it down a notch. The town population dips, the festivals are over, and the pace is more relaxed. So, what do local bartenders and purveyors of libations suggest we drink as we while away the weeks before the students return?

Gillian Ream Gainsley at the AAATA service garage

The future of Ann Arbor transit, part 1: Who's not riding and why?

Concentrate's Patrick Dunn kicks off a four-part series on the state of mass transit in our community: who's riding, what it needs, and how we plan for the future.

Sarah LeSage

What We've Lost: The community impact of invasive species

Invasive species are costly to Michigan cities and their residents, negatively affecting everyone's quality of life. Here's some of what we've lost to invasive species and how we can prevent future invasives from causing similar damage.

Trailer Estates modular home.

The return of the pre-fab home

Millennials looking to buy their first homes and Boomers looking to downsize find factory-built or manufactured housing to be a good alternative that offers affordable, sturdy and green living. 

Kirk Westphal at Ann Arbor City Hall

Who runs Ann Arbor? Some council members call for reform

Every August election primaries are held in Ann Arbor. And every August, nearly 90 percent of Ann Arbor shrugs its shoulders and stays home. In a city dominated by a single party that means a very small number of citizens are determining who sets the policies for our community. Some local leaders would like to things change.
829 Articles | Page: | Show All
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