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Sarah LeSage

What We've Lost: The community impact of invasive species

Invasive species are costly to Michigan cities and their residents, negatively affecting everyone's quality of life. Here's some of what we've lost to invasive species and how we can prevent future invasives from causing similar damage.

Trailer Estates modular home.

The return of the pre-fab home

Millennials looking to buy their first homes and Boomers looking to downsize find factory-built or manufactured housing to be a good alternative that offers affordable, sturdy and green living. 

Kirk Westphal at Ann Arbor City Hall

Who runs Ann Arbor? Some council members call for reform

Every August election primaries are held in Ann Arbor. And every August, nearly 90 percent of Ann Arbor shrugs its shoulders and stays home. In a city dominated by a single party that means a very small number of citizens are determining who sets the policies for our community. Some local leaders would like to things change.

An ore carrier pushes into Marquette.

Michiganders have a voice when it comes to the protection and strategy regarding the state's water

What does Michigan's water mean to us? Everything. You can meet up with the Office of the Great Lakes' director and staff in your city to have your comments, questions and concerns heard and answered. 

DaveStrenski on the roof of the Ypsilanti Food Coop

Can Ypsilanti become a solar destination?

As the effects of climate change become more and more pronounced, communities are looking to develop more sustainable practices and policies. Concentrate chats with SolarYpsi's Dave Strenski about the current state of local solar energy initiatives.

Deconstructing a house on Main Street

Deconstructing the past for a zero-energy future

After 30 years of neglect, two century-old Ann Arbor homes are being salvaged, nail-by-nail, for use in a new commercial net-zero energy building. How cool is that?


Concentrate is on summer break

For us, the Fourth of July signals the official beginning of summer. Concentrate will be taking two weeks off to rest, recuperate, and grill stuff. Enjoy our country's star spangled celebrations and check out our Independence cocktail recipe.

State Street at Liberty

What makes a street vital? Exploring downtown Ann Arbor's most and least vibrant blocks

Stroll through any downtown and you can quickly identify which streets are hopping with activity and which aren't. Concentrate's Natalie Burg looks at which of Ann Arbor's downtown blocks struggle to attract people and why.

Barracuda Networks offices on the former site of Borders flagship book store

Why downtown Ann Arbor needs more office space, and why it's unlikely to get some

It has been forecasted that demand for downtown office space in Ann Arbor will reach an additional 90,000 - 100,000 sq. ft.  Where do those companies go if our city can't or won't supply it? What are the economic implications? And how does transportation fit into the equation? Concentrate digs in.

Ypsi Alloy Studios

The struggle to find local, affordable studio space

Lack of affordability doesn't just impact residents, it also presents a serious challenge for local artists, musicians and fledgling non-profits. With the July closing of SPUR studios, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti will be losing one of the few reasonably priced creative spaces left.

Crumbling sidewalk shortly before it ends at Washtenaw and Huron Parkway

Much ado about something? ReImagine Washtenaw's hazy path to a clear vision

Sometimes knowing how the sausage is made is a good thing. Sometimes not so much. To wit, the recent vote on ReImagine Washtenaw's possible vision of the future, which divided Ann Arbor's city council for nearly a year. Why? We're still wondering.

A sea of asphalt in front of At Home at Washtenaw and Golfside

Five places Washtenaw Avenue seriously needs to be improved

As debates rage over whether Washtenaw Avenue is predominantly a means to get from Point A to Point B, or as a corridor that serves many users and interests, perhaps it helps to give some real-world examples why it needs our attention now.  

AFC Ann Arbor owners at Hollway Field

AFC Ann Arbor: A new local startup with big goals

The folks behind AFC Ann Arbor knew their soccer team was a startup with great potential for growth. What they didn't bargain for was creating an entire industry -in this case league- for them to play in. But that's just what they did. Last month was the launch of the Great Lakes Premier League.


Ann Arbor job growth is Gazelle-powered

Small firms are proving to be the primary job creators for new economy talent in Washtenaw County. Concentrate tracks two years of data and sees enough headroom for even more.

Vie Fitness

Not just retail vs. restaurants: The rise of service businesses in downtown Ann Arbor

Successful downtowns are not locked in retail amber, they are an ever-evolving web of businesses, reacting to the needs of the community. To wit, Ann Arbor's core has seen more than just a spike in restaurants, there is also a vibrant and growing number of service businesses.
817 Articles | Page: | Show All
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