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Students at Washtenaw International High School in Ypsilanti

Washtenaw County schools catch the International Baccalaureate bug

The rush to establish International Baccalaureate schools in Washtenaw is on, with a regionally supported high school in Ypsilanti achieving high marks, a programme in Dexter and, now, Ann Arbor vowing to establish its own program track. But will these efforts complement or compete against each other?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the writers, photographers, editors, and programmers at Concentrate! We'll be back Dec. 2nd!

Ian Nagy with many examples of his work for Zingerman's

Putting Ann Arbor artists on the payroll

Being a professional artist can be a hard row to hoe. Luckily, there are Ann Arbor businesses that see the value in bringing creative folks onto their staff. 

L to R Michael Kondziolka and Jim Leija of UMS at the Charles Baird Carillon

Space to create: Why downtown Ann Arbor needs a community arts space

While there is little doubt that Ann Arbor is a community filled with artists, its status as an arts community has yet to be realized. Some local business and non profit leaders think that a downtown arts venue might improve the situation.

City Administrator Steve Powers at Ann Arbor City Hall

As Ann Arbor's top administrator exits, he offers thoughts on the city's future

Steve Powers, Ann Arbor's city administrator is moving on. Concentrate asks him to talk about his four years with the city, what challenges it faces in the future, and what advice he has for his replacement.

Quest Skinner.jpg

Artists can be the "connective tissue" of a neighborhood -- but first they need a place to live

Affordable live/work housing for artists can reinvigorate neighborhoods and bring members of diverse communities together. Cities around the country are creating such spaces in an attempt to seed the ground for the next generation of creatives.

Matt Jones recording the River Street Anthology at Lo & Behold! Records

The sound of Michigan: An Ypsilanti music project spreads statewide

Matt Jones is determined to collect, and preserve Michigan's musical identity - one song at a time. He's recorded 150 artists for his River Street Anthology so far... and has no intention of stopping.

Ann Arbor Swim Coach legend Denny Hill

Welcome to Ann Arbor, America's swim capital

For a land-locked city in the middle of the continent it may come as some surprise that Ann Arbor has been ranked the top swim city in the U.S. not once, but two years in a row. Concentrate looks into how a college town known for its football is making big waves in the pool.

Many new developments downtown are financially out of reach for many Ann Arborites

Does Ann Arbor's largest employer pay enough? Maybe if you're Jim Harbaugh.

UM football coach Jim Harbaugh will be paid $7 million this year. Nearly 7000 other UM employees will earn between $30,000 and $40,000 - roughly half the median household income rate for Ann Arbor. Concentrate looks at what those salaries mean in a city that scores high on livability but low on affordability.

Stefanie Stauffer and Ryan Padgett at Tillian Farm, Ann Arbor

National round-up: The secret(s) to sustainable urban farms

Urban agriculture, once a buzz-y idea for transforming vacant spaces, has taken root in cities across America. Now, cities and farmers are thinking about how to make the movement sustainable year-round and long-term.

Alma Wheeler Smith at the Blake Transit Center

The future of Ann Arbor transit, part 4: Thinking regionally

It took decades to happen, but metro Detroit is finally developing a regional transportation plan, and it includes Ann Arbor. Getting DDOT, SMART and AAATA to work together is instrumental if we're serious about changing the ignoble fact that we're the only metro in the nation's top 25 to lack such a system.

Chinatown is one of DC's most congested neighborhoods.

In growing cities, parking challenges require creative solutions

As more people move to cities, how can rapidly developing neighborhoods tackle parking challenges without gobbling up valuable urban space for off-street lots?

Josh Lin mural

Local venture capital loaded for bear after decade of digging in

Once upon a time, venture capital in Michigan was small and inconsequential. Today it's powering the Great Lakes State's new economy, growing at a time when the industry has shrunk. Concentrate takes a long look on what that means for our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ypsilanti Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Identity crisis: The true story about the Ann Arbor - Ypsilanti CVB merger

When it comes to community identity, there's little doubt that Ypsilanti is not Ann Arbor (nor vice versa). Which is the core argument against the planned merger of the two city's Convention and Visitors Bureaus. But beyond the identity rhetoric what's really at stake? Concentrate digs in.

Ray Andrews at the Ypsilanti Transit Center

The future of Ann Arbor transit, part 3: Bringing the next generation onboard

Research shows that young people are a lot less enamored with the automobile than previous generations. For milliennials, public transportation is an important factor in how and where they choose to live. This presents a challenge for AAATA - meeting the demands of today while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.
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