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Ben Connor Barrie in a classroom he teaches in at the Dana Building at U of M

#A2Council Is Now In Session

Twitter has entered Ann Arbor City Council chambers. Twice a month local tweeters comment live on what our local council critters are up to. Sometimes informative, sometimes snarky, they turn what can be an evening of dry procedure into an energetic community conversation. And they even hold council-viewing parties!

Ryan Gourley at the A2Share Clothing Swap at Canterbury House

A Shared Future: Ryan Gourley of A2Share

In the Internet Age everything old is new again. Take bartering and trade. Not a new concept. But wIth the rise of services like Sidecar and Couchsurfing.com, or even local efforts like Selma Cafe, there have been exciting innovations in collaborative consumption. Ryan Gourley, a U-M grad student, thought that local sharing-based organizations could use a better way to connect. 

Michael Barera at the Gerald R. Ford Library

Encyclopedia Barera

Meet Michael Barera, the Wikipedian in Residence at U-M's Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Not only is he a member of the first student Wikipedia club in the country, he is the first Wikipedian resident ever appointed to a presidential library. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar chats with him about what that means, where he goes next, and which wiki entries he's been involved with and inspired by.

L to R Mike Klein and Yan Ness with the twin power generators at Online Tech in Ann Arbor

Online Tech's co-CEOs always have a backup

In the world of computer data hosting redundancy is a way of life. Ann Arbor's Online Tech has taken that philosophy to a new level, putting in place two CEOs. But far from duplicating each other's efforts, the dual company leaders have found that they complement and strengthen each other's talents.


Ann Arbor and Ypsi's Kickstarter Culture

It's not all about angel investing and venture capital at Concentrate. Some times you've got to focus on the little guy or gal. Which is what Kickstarter does, helping innovative ideas and people to find investment. From food to photography to music and movies, folks in Ann Arbor and Ypsi have used the crowd-sourcing financial service to get their pet projects off the ground.


DIY Careers

"I quit!" never sounded so sweet. Even in the state's job-strapped economy, there are Michiganders deciding to leave secure positions to forge businesses of their own. Concentrate profiles four local entrepreneurs who made the leap from employee to self-employed.


Young & Entrepreneurial: A Q&A with Switchback

Offering a Word for the web solution for the pains of website maintenance are Mike Monan and Stephen Colson, the founders of Switchback, an internet business based on Drupal technology. This week they dish with Concentrate's Jon Zemke on downtown workspaces and the wilds of entrepreneurship.


Pure Entrepreneurship: A Q&A with Catherine Juon and Linda Girard

How do you get to the top of Google's first page? Catherine Juon and Linda Girard have a few ideas. It's why they started the successful website optimization firm Pure Visibility. Jon Zemke sits down with these Ann Arbor entrepreneurs to talk about sharing leadership, running a company in downtown A2, and teaching school kids more about business (among other topics).


The Land Of Small Giants

Sometimes bigger isn't better. In Ann Arbor the "small giant" movement is catching on. Their philosophy? Profit is good but the bottom line should not be the be-all, end-all of your company's existence.


Pizza 2.0

It was only a matter of time before pizza went high-tech. From web tracking to on demand orders from your TiVo, Ann Arbor-based Domino's has created a brave new world of snarfing.


Double Lives: Josh Weston

See that speck on the Lake Michigan horizon? Rolling across choppy waves, skateboard on one foot, surfboard on the other, Josh Weston does double time as a web designer for Ann Arbor's MS&L and as the founder of Einfach Skate. Concentrate chats with the man who's struck a balance between pavement and PC.


Ann Arbor's Tweet

Are you a follower or do you have a following? Who's tweeting who? Social Media is this year's buzz word and Twitter is its newest doo-dad. Our story would end here (if we stuck to the 140 character limit) but Twitter has only just begun in the Ann Arbor area.


A New Way To Work

Tearing down the cubicle walls, four Ann Arbor tech companies are trading the generic, mundane work environment for something different and, hopefully, more inspiring.


MASTERMIND: Linda Girard

Whether it's web optimization or life optimization, Linda Girard has the kind of vision, energy and confidence others look up on Google. Co-founder of the successful Internet marketing company, Pure Visibility, she's translated a Life 2.0 philosophy into Web 2.0 business savvy.

Google High

Along with the promise of 1,000 new jobs, Google's Adwords office is embracing Ann Arbor in unexpected ways: assisting local non-profits and even teaching high school.
17 Articles | Page: | Show All
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