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Cafe Memmi

Ann Arbor's Best Cocktail Cuisine

Stale beer nuts or citrus chipotle tacos? While some bars regard snacks as a beer-soaked after-thought, there are a few Ann Arbor watering holes that have decided to take bar food to a whole new level. Concentrate's Richard Retyi runs down the best of the best.

Tom Freeman on the Dixboro Village Green

Growth Without Growing in Historic Dixboro

While there may not be a consensus on what Dixboro is, everyone agrees that the community that surrounds Village Green is quite special. Plans are afoot to restore and enliven the area without changing its unique character. That means moving in small deliberate steps that honor the hamlet's historic integrity.

Families enjoying the music at Cobblestone Farm Market

Bringing Fresh Food Back to the Neighborhood

Ann Arbor's Farmers Market in Kerrytown is pretty awesome but what about the other five days of the week? That's a question folks in the Buhr Park neighborhood decided to answer with the Cobblestone Farm Market, a Tuesday event that offers healthy eats, crafts, educational opportunities and a quickly growing crowd of weekly visitors.

The Ott family arrives at Metro Airport via AirRide

Getting to the Airport: AirRide Provides First Step for Public Transit Option

DTW has been hailed far and wide as a world-class airport. Ground transportation to and from its terminals, however, have long been criticized as less than adequate. Last year Ann Arbor decided to address this shortcoming with AirRide, a daily public bus service that now averages nearly 1000 riders per week.

Jeanine DeLay

Guest Blogger: Jeanine DeLay

When communities are looking to where to allocate scarce economic, natural, and cultural resources, the playing field should be level. Jeanine DeLay, president of A2Ethics.org, opines on why the city of Ann Arbor should establish an ethics policy.

Omari Rush and Foxtrot visit Al McEachern at Van Boven

A Foxtrot Through Downtown Ann Arbor

To expect Ann Arbor to be like Chicago, New York or San Francisco is absurd. Nevertheless, when it comes to attracting professional talent, we are competing with lifestyles those cities offer. A recent guys-only pub-and-shop-crawl through downtown sought to demonstrate that The Deuce can be a contender. 

Jim Price at the Ross School of Business

The State of Ann Arbor's Start-Up Culture

Serial entrepreneur and U-M lecturer Jim Price is not your everyday homegrown entrepreneur. He's a transplant who came to Ann Arbor in 1988 for a business opportunity and stayed, facilitating the success of several local companies. In a candid Q&A, Price weighs in on the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

L to R Jimmy Raggett and Ben Schultz at Common Cycle

Common Cycle: Taking Off on Two Wheels

With growing numbers of bikers making Ann Arbor the place to live and work, the grounds for biking infrastructure are being laid. The non-profit Common Cycle co-founders dream of a free public bike repair station in every neighborhood. Concentrate gets the story on how this is done.


Navigating Cinetopia

You can watch a movie or you can get to know a movie. Natalie Burg offers up some tips for getting to know the films and filmmakers at this week's Cinetopia Film festival.


Speaker Event: The Care & Feeding of Student Entrepreneurs

Over the last few years TechArb, an incubator for student entrepreneurs, has been quietly nurturing the next generation of tech start-ups. Concentrate's May speaker event will feature the folks behind this innovative effort and student groups pitching their business concepts to the crowd. Sign up now for Thursday's Happy Hour event!

Amanda Taylor at Eastern Michigan University

Guest Blogger: Amanda Taylor

Continuing our series of new college grads giving their post-grad outlooks, EMU alumna Amanda Taylor, who chose to remain rooted in Ann Arbor for her graduate psychology studies, writes on the area's educational and socioeconomic diversity.

L to R William, Kelly, Cidalene and Christina of the Ann Arbor Free Skool

How to Get Skooled For Free

Got a craft you can teach to others? Always wanted to learn an unconventional skill, say, hula-hoop construction or spring foraging? The Ann Arbor Free Skool is dedicated to pairing knowledge with knowledge-seekers, free of charge.

Joseph Zettelmaier at The Performance Network

On Stage With Joseph Zettelmaier

There are vocations and there are avocations. For Joseph Zettelmaier it's clear which is which. By day the Milan, Mich. resident works in data entry. But on stage he's an award-winning playwright with 30 plays to his name. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar puts the spotlight on this theatrical wordsmith.

L to R Albert Foo and Sharath Anand with ExtinBreachR at Skyline High School

A Blaze of Innovation

While most kids are wasting their time mastering Xbox, high schoolers Albert Foo and Sharath Anand are developing a new fire-fighting technology, one that extinguishes interior flames from outside the building. So far ExtinBreachR has landed them top science fair awards and a couple of small grants. But they've got bigger plans.

Jason Gold with his wife Joy and daughter at the Michigan Folk School

Step Back: Michigan Folk School Teaches Old Skills With A New Purpose

Sometimes a step back in time can be a step into the future. At the Michigan Folk School in Superior Township, back-to-basics living isn't just seen as nostalgia for arts and crafts, but rather a community-based counterbalance to the alienating advances of technology.
551 Articles | Page: | Show All
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