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Jason Gold with his wife Joy and daughter at the Michigan Folk School

Step Back: Michigan Folk School Teaches Old Skills With A New Purpose

Sometimes a step back in time can be a step into the future. At the Michigan Folk School in Superior Township, back-to-basics living isn't just seen as nostalgia for arts and crafts, but rather a community-based counterbalance to the alienating advances of technology.

Anuja Rejendra at Bollyfit

The BollyFit Blend: A Q&A with Anuja Rajendra

Some might call it an accidental career, but when a passionate hobby becomes a successful business it seems more like an inevitability. Anuja Rajendra's zeal for fitness and Bollywood-style dance inspired BollyFit, both a lifestyle and growing brand. 

Eric Maslowski at MIDEN

On the Bleeding Edge of 3D

If you're wondering when we'll finally get that holodeck Star Trek promised, the folks at University of Michigan's 3D Lab could probably give you a decent ETA. From 3D printers to digital models to immersive virtual environments, these tech wizards are pushing the 3D envelope. And their technology is accessible to students and members of the public alike.


The Aviary Teaches Students to Take Flight

Why pedal on an elliptical or curl dumbells when you can fly? The newly opened Ann Arbor Aviary provides acrobatic exercises for those who'd rather soar with eagles than pump iron with gym rats. Silks, ropes, and trapezes are the equipment of choice for this alternative, aerial gym.

Groom N Go

Why Ann Arbor Should Go To the Dogs

The power of dogonomics is undeniable, and Ann Arbor is finally beginning to recognize the fact. From pup salons to doggie daycare centers to off-leash parks, canines and their owners are expecting more and better accommodations. So, how are we doing when it comes to man's best friend? Concentrate's Richard Retyi looks for answers.

Tyler Paxton at the Are You A Human space at the Madison Building in Detroit

Seeding the Ground for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

The risks to startup culture are a two-way street. Not only must you convince investors to make a calculated leap of faith, you also need talent that's willing to commit sweat equity to an uncertain future. The Adams Entrepreneur Fellowship Program is looking to make the second half of that equation a little easier while applying a slow-food strategy toward fostering local entrepreneurship.

Michael Barera at the Gerald R. Ford Library

Encyclopedia Barera

Meet Michael Barera, the Wikipedian in Residence at U-M's Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Not only is he a member of the first student Wikipedia club in the country, he is the first Wikipedian resident ever appointed to a presidential library. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar chats with him about what that means, where he goes next, and which wiki entries he's been involved with and inspired by.


Concentrate Speaker Event: The Ann Arbor Exit Interview

If you've ever read Mark Maynard's blog you may have stumbled across his exit interviews with soon-to-be ex-locals. The Concentrate Speaker Series has asked Mark to bring his blog to life by interviewing a panel of Ann Arborites about their plans to move away. Why are they leaving? What might get them to stay? What will they miss? What are they eager to leave behind? For these answers and more SIGN UP NOW for TOMRROW'S event!

L to R Carl Pelofsky, Bob Ause, Lisa Ortiz and Mark Randolph

On Many Questions, Ethics Hangs in the Balance

Last month, A2 Ethics held their third annual Big Ethical Question Slam. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar talks with the winners about the community's questions, the team's answers and what strategies are involved when a competition asks you to tackle the weightiest of issues.


Concentrate Speaker Event: Harnessing Robot (and Volunteer) Power

As any non-profit organization will tell you, their efforts are mostly powered by ordinary folks donating their time. That couldn't be truer for 826Michigan, a hip Ann Arbor-based literacy nonprofit that mobilizes hundreds of dedicated volunteers. Concentrate's Speaker Series invites executive director Amanda Uhle to explain the methods and challenges of attracting energetic volunteers and how 826 leverages their unique identity to thrive. Sign up now for THURSDAY's event!


Anna Bagozzi: A Tribe Of Her Own

Anna Bagozzi wants to do more than just sell fashion, she wants to create a fashion-minded community. If her early successes with leveraging Facebook and other social media for Tribehaus, her online store, are any indication, she may be onto something big.


Selma Cafe Thinks, Eats and Grows Locally

From neighborhood breakfast salon to ag incubator to monthly happy hours to nonprofit organization, Selma Café has grown and evolved over its four years. Concentrate chats with its co-founder and president Lisa Gottlieb about how things are going and where they are headed next.

Sculptor Tad McKillop in his Ann Arbor studio

A Cast of Sculptures

Over the years, sculptor Tad McKillop has taught young artists, constructed motorcycles (which he's bartered for body art), and developed a loyal following of collectors across the country. He embodies Ann Arbor's iconoclastic DIY culture, creating figurative bronze works in a furnace he, uh, forged himself.

Nicola Rooney at Nicola's Books

Ann Arbor Booksellers Give Survival Tips to Downtown's Newest Addition

Pundits have been ringing the death knell for independent bookstores for years. As we move into a digital future the printed word's demise is inevitable, they say. That hasn't stopped Hilary Lowe and Michael Gustafson's plans to open Literati Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor. Concentrate's Richard Retyi chats with some local veterans about how the duo can prove the naysayers wrong.

David McNamara and Christina Kim

Guest Bloggers: David McNamara & Christina Kim

With Punxsutawney Phil calling an early spring, it's not too soon to start building your financial nest. David McNamara, broker/owner of Foxway Realty, and financial advisor Christina Kim of Edward Jones Investments deliver talking points on keeping a good financial house, and choosing Ann Arbor as a place where they can professionally and personally flourish.
537 Articles | Page: | Show All
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