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Paul Parkanzky and Naim Falandino of DeepField at The Tech Brewery

Ann Arbor's Small Business Job Growth: The Who, What , and Where

Rumor has it that Ann Arbor is ripe with small business job growth. But who's been growing and why? Jon Zemke, Concentrate's Innovation And Jobs News Editor, reflects on 2012's third quarter and which sectors were doing their part to reduce unemployment. (Hint: Techies rule!).

Traverwood Branch of the Ann Arbor District Librar

What's Next For Downtown Libraries

With the current debate over whether Ann Arbor should fund a new downtown library, Concentrate's Natalie Burg takes a look at communities around the country that have decided to invest in updating their libraries, not only to meet the changing demands of today but to ready themselves for tomorrow.

Mary Thiefels at her studio on North Main Street

Photo Essay: The Art Of Transformation

Aesthetically speaking, the shelter in Ann Arbor's Allmendinger Park is best described as functional. Others might be less generously inclined. This weekend, however, it becomes an example of how public art and community engagement can transform a nondescript building into a vibrant neighborhood asset. 

Adam Baru at Mani Osteria

From Mani To Mexico

Long seen as a Bermuda Triangle for businesses, Mani Osteria has transformed the downtown corner of Liberty and Division into an Ann Arbor hotspot. Now, owner Adam Baru is adding another eatery right next door. Concentrate's Natalie Burg gets the lowdown on the restaurateur who has worked with not one, but two iron chefs.

Colleen O'Brien and Tiffany Cho at Ozone House in Ypsilanti

WorkZone Helps Youth Get Ready For Employment

Finding work in today's job market is tough enough. For at-risk teens, it can seem impossible. WorkZone, a program created and run by Ozone House, helps young adults to develop job-seeking skills and hone them through training and paid internships.

Jason Frenzel at an Adopt-A-Stream meeting for the Huron River Watershed Counci

Green Drinks Mixes Cocktails With Conscience

How about adding a little sustainability to your happy hour? Once a month green-minded folks gather in an Ypsi pub or Ann Arbor bar to unwind with drinks and talk eco policy and business. The event is called Green Drinks and it's part of a worldwide social trend.

Xiao Yuan at the Newt Loken Training Center

Expats In Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is home to a surprising number of foreign-born expatriates. More than ten percent actually. So who better than another expat to chat with them about their experiences living here in the U.S.? Canadian Richard Retyi gets the story.


Concentrate Speaker Event: Food Cart Culture

San Francisco, Austin, Portland, OR... and now Ann Arbor. Food carts have been attributed with creating entrepreneurial opportunities for their owners and revitalizing neighborhoods. Concentrate's Speaker Series has invited Mark Hodesh, some of the vendors at Mark's Carts, a food writer and a food cart researcher to talk about this innovative dining trend and what it means for the communities they're in. Sign up now for TOMORROW's event.

Martin Vloet at MGoPatio

Big House Businesses

Half a dozen Saturdays a year Ann Arbor's population practically doubles, as U-M football brings in Big Ten gridiron fans. Some see the game day influx as an inconvenience. Others see it as an economic opportunity.

Kira Berman at the U of M Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Talking Hypotheticals at U-M's Science Cafe

Care for a little Higgs boson with your pint of stout? Once a month U-M's Museum of Natural History plays host to the Science Cafe at Conor O'Neil's. Mixing libations with inspiration, this highbrow happy hour introduces locals to university researchers while addressing the latest scientific hot topic. Think of it as a way to strengthen and lose brain cells at the same time.

Curtis Sullivan and Nick Yribar in the Vault of Midnight game room

Ann Arbor Gets Its Game On

This ain't just another version of Monopoly. Or another excuse to push a pop-o-matic. Board games have grown up and they're attracting a new and diverse generation of devotees. Employing smarts, strategy, and social engagement, these challenging and often cooperative games have found both popular and economic success in Ann Arbor.

Alvin Hill and Zane Pelletier checking out Music Tools from the Ann Arbor Library

The Picture Of The Day: Music Tools

Theremins and hapi drums and stylophones, oh my! Photographer Doug Coombe makes the case for why Ann Arbor's District Library is cooler than a cucumber on ice. Check out his picture du jour!

The Cube at U of M Regents Park shot with the HarrisCamera App

The Picture Of The Day: A2 Cubed

In today's picture of the day, Doug Coombe takes a well-known piece of Ann Arbor public art and turns it into a mini photography lesson for phone-cam users.


Concentrate Speaker Event: Art In Public Places

Since its launch, Ann Arbor's Percent For Art Program has been a political football. Now, there's a move to create an Art In Public Places millage. Concentrate has invited Deb Polich, director of the Arts Alliance and ArtTrain, and A2 city councilmember Christopher Taylor to talk about the value of public art and what the millage might mean for our community. Join us Thursday, Sept. 27!

Urbanwood in the interior of the Traverwood Library Branch

Treecycling with Urbanwood

After the fall of many of Southeast Michigan's urban trees to the emerald ash borer and other misfortunes, a group of sustainability-minded individuals were left standing. Concentrate talks with Urbanwood, a partnership that's now a national model of recycling trees into green products.
533 Articles | Page: | Show All
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