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Ann Arbor-on-the-Huron

Ann Arbor chieftains are trying to restore the Huron River back to the same primacy it had as a vital water route for the area's early Native American residents. So can the city trade yet on its efforts to better integrate the river with the people? Paddles in hand, Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar and Doug Coombe push off on a river culture study.

Shhh! Underground Supper Clubs

There's a secret society of foodies and they're plotting their next meal. Popular on the coasts, underground supper clubs are starting to take root in the Ann Arbor area. Constance Crump risks life and limb (okay, diet and appetite) to penetrate their inner sanctums.

Is MGoBlog The Future Of Sports Journalism?

By some accounts Brian Cook is running the largest independent team-specific sports blog in the U.S. MGoBlog pulls in 200K readers per month, a passionate community of fans, and the kind of demographics that make advertiser's mouths water. So, how does the site's iconoclastic voice and style fit in today's media landscape, and what are its implications for the future?

Ann Arbor's (Re)Emerging Fashion District

As Ann Arbor's Main Street becomes all about food and restaurants, the blocks that make up State and Liberty are blossoming with retail. More specifically, fashion. Concentrate takes a look at how everything old is new again for this downtown business district.

The Passion Of Rich Sheridan

Richard Sheridan has seen it all. The burst of the tech bubble, downsizing, basement start-up anxieties, and, finally, success. Today his Menlo Innovations is a company that wins accolades for its work philosophy and clients for its bottom line. Jon Zemke talks to Ann Arbor's go-to guy on entrepreneurship about what it takes to build a successful company. Hint: coffee may play a role.

Crack That Whip! Stunt School Is In Session

Death defying stunts! The clang of blades and snap of whips! This week's multiplex blockbuster? No, just another day at stunt camp. Chris Barbeau oversees one of only three such programs in the nation. And its home is here in Ann Arbor. Huzzah!

Make Don't Chase: LLamasoft's Don Hicks and Toby Brzoznowski

The founders of Ann Arbor logistics firm LLamasoft don't mince words when it comes to attracting professional talent, developing their business, or expressing their disdain for VC culture. Hire smart, be fiercely competitive, create a good product, don't be a jerk (only they didn't say jerk). Concentrate's Jon Zemke puts the partners through the paces and even gets them to talk football.

What Food Carts Say About Ann Arbor

What do food carts tell us about a city? A lot, actually. From local business development to street engagement, a community's ability to encourage and nurture these DIY businesses can be a barometer of its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.

An Outdoor Banquet

Mark Twain once said, "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get." It's why Ann Arborites know how to squeeze every last drop of good weather from the summer. To wit, Concentrate's ace photographer Doug Coombe captures locals as they dine in our great outdoors.

Local Libraries Navigate The Digital World

With society's embrace of digital media, communication, and storage, public libraries are struggling to chart their future. From copyright to ownership to access, the tension between public and private concerns are as complicated as they are contentious. Luckily, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti have leaders who understand that our local libraries must innovative and evolve in order to keep pace with technology.

Editor's Pick: Camp Bacon

It's hard to be a vegetarian in a world where bacon exists. For those who are willing to indulge in the smokey, savory fruits of the porcine vine, Zingerman's offers up its second Camp Bacon, a four-day festival of music, crafts, and games dedicated to that sizzling slice of meat heaven.

Ann Arbor Speaker Event - How Ann Arbor Runs

City governments come in all styles and flavors. Local filmmaker and urbanist Kirk Westphal has made a short film examining what makes for an effective system and we'll be showing it at TOMORROW'S Speaker Event. We'll also be discussing how informed citizen involvement is vital to the success of any community. Ferndale City Council member Melanie Piana will be joining the event to discuss her experiences getting elected and serving in local government. Sign up now!

Editors Pick: Amococo

Enter the inflatable otherworldly environment of Amococo. Presented by Ann Arbor's Summer Festival, it's the coolest bounce house you've ever been in. Only there's no bounce.

Shop Talk: Ann Arbor's Barbershop Scene

It's one the earliest rites of manhood: the trip to the barbershop. And we're not talking half-priced haircut mills at the mall. Ann Arbor still has a few red-white-and-blue pole chop shops. Some even offer a straight-razor shave. Concentrate's Richard Retyi hops into the chair to find out how these old school barbershops survive in a downtown overrun with beauty salons.

Cooler By The River: Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech

Every day more and more data is being stored in the cloud. But what does that mean for our local economy? Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech, answers questions about what's next for his industry, what would bring more start-ups to Ann Arbor, and why he opposes policies that rely on economic incentives. Oh, and his advice for naming your next company? Stick to two syllables.
459 Articles | Page: | Show All
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