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Aaron McCullough of University of Michigan Press

Plot twists in Ann Arbor's publishing scene

Like the rest of the nation, Ann Arbor's publishing industry has undergone quite a bit of upheaval. The rise of e-readers and print-on-demand has presented both challenges and opportunities. Still, there is an active and even innovative local book scene, filled with readers, writers and publishers. 

Jason Okrasinski of CribSpot and Prateek Sachdeva of Boldr

Startups for students, by students

Ann Arbor boasts both a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem and a large, internationally renowned university. No surprise then that the two have fostered a fair number of startups - not only created by students, but also for students.

Kathleen Hiraga at her Pop-Post Kickstarter video shoot

Creating Female Characters That Pop

Samurai bike messengers aren't just for the bros. Actually, as created by Pop Post, they're meant to show girls that they can be as heroic as any 'ol boy. This Ann Arbor-based entertainment company is dedicated to creating e-books and mobile games that disrupt the popular narrative that girls need to be saved. 

Andrew Palms on U of M North Campus

Where Did the Fiber Fever Go? The Case for Ultra High Speed Internet

Three years ago Ann Arbor was gung-ho about being the opportunity to become one of Google's fiber-to-premises communities. Now we're not even on the list of 34 potential sites. What happened since and why is ultra high speed internet important for a community like ours? Concentrate's Natalie Burg digs in.

Tyler Paxton at the Are You A Human space at the Madison Building in Detroit

Seeding the Ground for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

The risks to startup culture are a two-way street. Not only must you convince investors to make a calculated leap of faith, you also need talent that's willing to commit sweat equity to an uncertain future. The Adams Entrepreneur Fellowship Program is looking to make the second half of that equation a little easier while applying a slow-food strategy toward fostering local entrepreneurship.


Whipping the Music Industry into Shape

The Internet has started to shift the music industry's top-down corporate record label control toward indie artists who can deliver their own music to the masses. But what about t-shirts, posters, and other fan-demanded merchandise? Enter local start-up Whiplash, which provides shipping, fulfillment and logistics for small sellers of every stripe.


Pure Entrepreneurship: A Q&A with Catherine Juon and Linda Girard

How do you get to the top of Google's first page? Catherine Juon and Linda Girard have a few ideas. It's why they started the successful website optimization firm Pure Visibility. Jon Zemke sits down with these Ann Arbor entrepreneurs to talk about sharing leadership, running a company in downtown A2, and teaching school kids more about business (among other topics).


Pizza 2.0

It was only a matter of time before pizza went high-tech. From web tracking to on demand orders from your TiVo, Ann Arbor-based Domino's has created a brave new world of snarfing.


Toyland 2.0

Hans and Tricia Masing take their toys seriously. But that wasn't always the case. Once upon a time they made their living in engineering and IT. Then their son took an interest in Thomas the Tank Engine and everything changed. Combining tech savvy with a love for toys, the couple has built a small Internet empire that still understands the value of community connection.
9 Articles | Page:
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