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Catherine Juon and Linda Girard of Pure Visibility
Catherine Juon and Linda Girard of Pure Visibility
As start-up central, Washtenaw County is the face of things to come in Michigan. Whether its biotech companies like Ann Arbor's QuatRx, Cerenis, or HandyLab, the alternative energy innovations of Danotek and Adaptive Materials,  Internet gurus like SpamStopsHere and Pure Visibility, or the Jolly Pumpkin microbrewers of Dexter, economic pioneers are reshaping the state's business landscape.

You can't stop them, so why not join them?

Entrepreneurship Features

Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory: Building a Business One Chip at a Time

If you've had chips made by the Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory you know that calling them "addictive" would be an understatement. So, how did this hand-made tortilla and chip company spring up in a town as unlikely as Ann Arbor? Read on and the truth will be revealed.

OpEd: How Companies Can Perk Up Their Work Cultures

If your company is a place where people love to come to work every day, chances are it will prosper both culturally and economically. But how to get there? Rich Sheridan, president of Menlo Innovations and author of Joy, Inc. discusses Ann Arbor's cultural terroir and how your company can promote a better workplace.

Duo Security: More Than Just a Workplace

Can a cutting edge startup be both success-minded and fun? According to Duo Security's Dug Song, the answer is an unequivocal "yes." Achieving astounding growth over four years, this Ann Arbor Internet security firm has not only become the local company to watch, it has developed a family-like workplace that's creative, supportive and innovative.

GameStart: Minecraft Class Is Now In Session

The computer gaming industry earns more than $60 billion dollars each year. Hollywood's use of computer animation only grows. Yet computer programming is not a focus in K-12 education in Michigan. The folks at GameStart see both an educational and entrepreneurial opportunity. They offer programming classes to 3rd through 8th grade students with a focus on the game that sets every kid's heart a-flutter.

Ann Arbor Startups That Don't Start in Ann Arbor (But We Wish They Did)

Ann Arbor may be Michigan's hotbed for innovative startups but sometimes those innovations have trouble gaining a toe-hold in the local market. From healthcare apps to wind energy technology, Concentrate takes a look at a trio of technologies we'd like to see more of here.
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Entrepreneurship Blogs

Bena Burda

Call the term "taking ownership" a cliché, but that's literally what's in the works at some local businesses. This week, Maggie's Organics founder Bená Burda writes about forming 100% worker-owned co-operatives, from Nicaragua to North Carolina to Michigan.

Moses Lee

Since its inception, TechArb, U-M's student start-up accelerator, has put $5 million into 97 student-run ventures. Moses Lee, co-founder of truApp and director of TechArb, writes about recruiting college students and this summer's crop of student entrepreneurs.

Ingrid Ault

Is it worth paying a 6% sales tax to keep jobs in Michigan and build vibrant downtowns? Ingrid Ault, executive director of Think Local First, writes a series on how to not just talk local, but how to live local.

Justin Fenwick

Justin Fenwick, community manager of the Arts Alliance, defines art as the artwork itself and also the process of starting something. This week Justin gives the shout-out to Creative Hybrids, a local class of artisan entrepreneurs who form collectives or set up an L3C, a type of enterprise combining business and social mission.

Larry Eiler

Back in 2001 Larry Eiler, CEO of Eiler Communications and director of the Small Business Association of Michigan, wrote an essay comparing our entrepreneurial landscape with Silicon Valley. Needless to say Michigan came up lacking. Boy, what a difference 10 years makes. In this week's guest blog Larry updates his assessment and finds more than a few encouraging trends.
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Entrepreneurship Videos

The Care & Feeding of Student Entrepreneurs

U-M's TechArb is a renowned student start-up incubator that helps nourish the Ann Arbor entrepreneurial ecosystem. At our last speaker event, they not only gave us the skinny on how it works, but had a trio of studentpreneurs pitch their up and coming companies to the audience. Check out the video.

The Art Of The Tale: Stories from Entre-SLAM

At Concentrate's last speaker event local entrepreneurs weighed in on how they put their dent in the universe. It was an Entre-SLAM sampler that awarded pickles, Pez, and cold hard cash to the best tales told. Check it out.

Ann Arbor's Food Cart Culture

The weather was perfect, the beverages were flowing, and the conversation was spirited at October's speaker event on food cart culture at Bill's Beer Garden. From economic costs to health codes to business opposition to entrepreneurial opportunity, a panel of experts discussed this exciting dining trend and what it might mean for Ann Arbor and communities around the region. Check out the video.

Start-up 101: Mentoring new U-M businesses

Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way. U-M's Tech Transfer office, along with its new Michigan Venture Center, have started a mentorship program that turns technologists into entrepreneurs. As a result they expect to see a 20% bump in start-up launches.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

  From its gorgeous painted labels to its crafted oak barrel flavors, Dexter's Jolly Pumpkin Ales is all about bringing an artist's touch to brewing. It's an approach that's winning them fans (and awards) all across the nation, and has, of course, inspired one of A2's most popular brewpubs.
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