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From cineastes to camera jockeys, the Ann Arbor area has caught the Hollywood bug. Beyond the renown Ann Arbor Film Festival, fests like CinemaSlam and Miller's Creek are popping up like dandelions. CUT TO: laptop auteurs busily working on their next YouTube masterpiece as local  production companies like Odd Angle and Quack! Media generate cutting edge video. CLOSE ON: U-M's film program, where the next generation of Steven Spielbergs and Martin Scorcese are learning their craft. FADE ON: Michigan's state legislature as it approves an ambitious new Film Production Incentive Package. It's only a matter of time before Washtenaw County says, "We're ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille!"



Editor's Pick: The Way

Ann Arbor is becoming a small hotbed of movie previews. As part of their bus tour across America, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are dropping in with their film, The Way. There will be a public screening at the Michigan Theater tonight. Learn how you can attend.


From Scratch: tinyBig Picture Shows

Sometimes great things come in small packages. Or so the saying goes. For Beth Tanenhaus Winsten it's more than just a saying, however, it's the foundation of her business. Her Ann Arbor-based tinyBigPictureshow sees the web as an exciting medium for visual storytelling, and she's starting to win over clients with her less-is-more approach.


Mastermind: Mark Maynard

What Mark Maynard does from 9-5 is important but not nearly as interesting as what he does the other 16 hours a day (beside sleep). From The Shadow Art Fair to a popular blog to planning a bike-powered film fest to a local talk show that features a puppet stand-in, Maynard personifies Ypsilanti's do-it-yourself creativity. You might even call him the ultimate marionette about town.


Ann Arbor's Backlot

Welcome to Hollywood on the Huron! With Michigan's ambitious film incentive package bringing movie sets to Ann Arbor, both U-M and the city have had to develop strategies for accommodating (and capitalizing) on their presence.


Could Film Be Michigan's Gold Rush? A Q&A with Harvey Ovshinsky

"It's in our DNA to do amazing things," says Harvey Ovshinsky. Metromode's Jon Zemke sits down with the veteran video producer and screenwriter to talk about Michigan's Film Incentives and their potential impact on the state's investment opportunities, job growth, and brain drain.
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Featured Videos

The Ring Of Steel

Touche! With Hollywood productions beating a line to Michigan's front door, universities, businesses and organizations are stepping up to supply them with talent. Ann Arbor's Ring Of Steel, with its focus on stage combat and stunts, may be our most unique homegrown resource yet.

The Michigan Theater

It's the crown of Ann Arbor's downtown. Who would have guessed that a mere 30 years ago it had a date with a wrecking ball? Restored to its early 20th Century glory, The Michigan Theater is now home to the most exciting cinematic and live music events in the city

Pixel Velocity

Pixel Velocity is watching. Or rather they're letting you watch. This Ann Arbor-based company creates high-speed digital image processing products for the surveillance and medical imaging markets. See them seeing you.


Robots. Dragons. Record label. Quack! Media tossed out the rule book for selling music, books and videos to create an alternative media empire in downtown Ann Arbor. From irreverant educational videos to hip coffee table mags, they create high-tech, handmade quality entertainment.

The Ann Arbor Film Fest

After 46 years it comes to this: a guest appearance by Larry Flynt, an ACLU law suit and woodland animals getting creamed by roller derby girls. Still, the Ann Arbor Film Festival has never taken its eye off the ball. Mark our words, this year marks a new era for the festival Variety Magazine called "One of our 10 favorites in the world." It's got an ambitious new director, new vitality and a program that'll blow your mind.
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