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Higher Education

"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."
-Diogenes Laertius.

Higher learning is Washtenaw County's main industry, with the University Of Michigan (U-M) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU) acting as the region's two towers of innovation and inspiration. With combined student populations of nearly 64,000 and funding that approaches $1 billion each year, it is impossible to under sell the importance of these two great institutions.

Eastern Michigan University is renown for its College of Education, producing entire generations of teachers and educators to every state in the country. The university's budget was nearly $265 million last year, providing 23, 000 students with a first rate education.

Since its founding in 1849, EMU has produced 130, 000 alumni, many of whom remain in Michigan. Its College of Business was designated by Princeton Review as one of the nationís 143 most outstanding business schools and the universty, in general, has been lauded for its commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. EMU is also ranked as one of the 100 best schools for the Lesbian/Gay/B-Sexual/Transgender community.

The University of Michigan tops nearly every ranking there is with regard to academic achievement, excellence, and influence. Sitting on a $5.65 billion endowment and research funded to the tune of $823 million last year, it is an academic and economic powerhouse. The university's nearly 41, 000 students (and 420, 000 living alumni) have landed it third and among the nation's public universities, according to USNews And World Report. The list of notable and influential people who have attended UiM is both vast and wide, covering everything from theater and literature to engineering and life sciences. It's sports teams are renown and its pioneering impact on technology is recognized the world over.

Economically, U-M's technology transfer office has been vital conduit between laboratory research and corporate commercialization interests, inspiring both important technological innovations and ground-breaking start-ups.

The University of Michigan's Health System is considered one of the nationís leading medical and research institutions, consitently ranking among the best in the world in nearly every category, attracting the tenth highest total in research funding from the National Institutes of Health ($265 million, annually) and producing world class researchers and physicians.

And, finally, let's not forget Washtenaw Community College which serves almost 20,000 credit students and 8,000 non-credit students annually. It's well-respected for its continuing education courses as well as the nearly 1,400 degrees it hands out each year and is a vital extended choice educational institution, attracting a surprisingly ambitious and impressive faculty.


Chrisstina Hamilton at the Michigan Theater

Imported inspiration: Ann Arbor's one-of-a-kind speaker series

For more than a decade, The Penny Stamps Speaker Series has brought innovative artists, thinkers and makers to Ann Arbor to speak to students and locals alike. For free! It's the only program of its kind in the nation, and it's impact has help forge an unique connection between the community and the university.

Court Innovations AB

Seeing is believing spurs growth for Court Innovations

Ann Arbor-based Court Innovations has created software that can navigate local online court systems for civil infractions and is used Grand Rapids, Highland Park, Ypsilanti, and East Lansing. Next up, expanding into New York, Florida, and California.

The Big House

MGoBlog discusses what the ADA changes mean for Michigan Stadium

It's not often that the Big House gets smaller, but that is exactly what happened to Michigan Stadium this summer. Concentrate's Jon Zemke asks MGoBlog's Brian Cook what these changes mean for Football Saturdays.

L to R Ryan Dixon and Jack Bidlack at the Digital Inclusion store at EMU

Digital Inclusion: From classroom to pop-up

A program at EMU not only aims to teach low-income and at-risk area youth how to repair computers, but how to sell the fruits of their labors at a retail pop up. It's the best kind of entrepreneurial education, learning by both book and by practice.

Joy Pehlke meets with Lindsay Miller at Wolverine Wellness

Wolverine Wellness Innovatives Student Health and Well-being

While debates about how best to deliver healthcare in the United States rage on, conversations about our health and well-being have spread into every corner of society. Inspired by that discussion, U-M has launched an innovative new approach to student health by offering holistic programs that employ coaching, education and therapy as a path toward better living.
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The Residential College

U-M's Residential College is the school within the school, a college that brings back arts to a liberal arts education. From language to theater to fine art, students are encouraged to own and shape their education.

Real World Learning

Academic theory is all well and fine but how do you apply what you've learned to real-life scenarios? U-M's MAP program teams students with companies and non-profits to help institute real-world strategies and solutions. It's an innovative program that provides students with a unique on-the-ground education while strengthening the university's relationship with both local and global businesses.

U-M Students Get A Tech Start

Think of it as a Head Start program for budding entrepreneurs. U-M's Office of Tech Transfer teams students from a variety of backgrounds with university researchers and innovators to start new companies from scratch.

Aernnova Lands In Ann Arbor

When you've got 20,000 engineering students within 100 miles of your community, it's easy to make the case that Ann Arbor is the place for engineering firms to set up shop. And that just what U-M's Business Engagement Center did when it attracted Aernnova to The Deuce.

U-M's Solar Car Team

Imagine, not paying for gas. Ever. U-M's Solar Car Team brings together engineering, business and design school majors to develop the ultimate sustainable vehicle. How successful have they been? The team has taken home top honors at the North American Solar Challenge for the last five years!
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