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Web 2.0

The revolution has begun! Create. Share. Collaborate. Optimize. The Internet has become a business platform unto itself, giving rise to a whole new generation of high-tech start-ups in the Ann Arbor area. Whether it's Internet juggernaut Google Ad Words, locally-based Pure Visibility, recently transplanted MyBuys or new kids on the block like Fluency Media and Ur.Turn the next evolution in web development has arrived. Are you connected?


Ben Connor Barrie in a classroom he teaches in at the Dana Building at U of M

#A2Council Is Now In Session

Twitter has entered Ann Arbor City Council chambers. Twice a month local tweeters comment live on what our local council critters are up to. Sometimes informative, sometimes snarky, they turn what can be an evening of dry procedure into an energetic community conversation. And they even hold council-viewing parties!

Ryan Gourley at the A2Share Clothing Swap at Canterbury House

A Shared Future: Ryan Gourley of A2Share

In the Internet Age everything old is new again. Take bartering and trade. Not a new concept. But wIth the rise of services like Sidecar and Couchsurfing.com, or even local efforts like Selma Cafe, there have been exciting innovations in collaborative consumption. Ryan Gourley, a U-M grad student, thought that local sharing-based organizations could use a better way to connect. 

Michael Barera at the Gerald R. Ford Library

Encyclopedia Barera

Meet Michael Barera, the Wikipedian in Residence at U-M's Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Not only is he a member of the first student Wikipedia club in the country, he is the first Wikipedian resident ever appointed to a presidential library. Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar chats with him about what that means, where he goes next, and which wiki entries he's been involved with and inspired by.

L to R Mike Klein and Yan Ness with the twin power generators at Online Tech in Ann Arbor

Online Tech's co-CEOs always have a backup

In the world of computer data hosting redundancy is a way of life. Ann Arbor's Online Tech has taken that philosophy to a new level, putting in place two CEOs. But far from duplicating each other's efforts, the dual company leaders have found that they complement and strengthen each other's talents.


Ann Arbor and Ypsi's Kickstarter Culture

It's not all about angel investing and venture capital at Concentrate. Some times you've got to focus on the little guy or gal. Which is what Kickstarter does, helping innovative ideas and people to find investment. From food to photography to music and movies, folks in Ann Arbor and Ypsi have used the crowd-sourcing financial service to get their pet projects off the ground.
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