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Healing through Xbox: Locally-launched non-profit gives games to sick kids nationwide

Talk about the law of unintended consequences. In 2007, a local police officer shut down a Saline high school Halo tournament, claiming video games corrupted the minds of teens. That one misguided complaint ended up inspiring Gamers Outreach, a growing nonprofit that provides video games to children's hospitals across the country.

Agrarian Adventure: Bringing the farm to the classroom

…Or How Kids Learned To Stop Hating Veggies and Love Kohlrabi. Agrarian Adventure brings educational programs to a dozen different Ann Arbor area schools, helping kids better understand where their food comes from and even how to grow their own.

Keeping music education within reach

Taking the summer off can mean a loss of ability for young musicians. But not everyone can afford to have their parents send them to band camp. Longtime Ann Arbor teacher Deborah Katz established the Scarlett Summer Music Academy to make music education available to kids who might miss out.

Sex, Drugs and Eating Disorders: Data-Driven Solutions to Risky Teen Behavior

The bad news is that eating disorders, carrying a weapon and unsafe sex is on the rise in Michigan teens. The good news is that wellness reporting and healthcare counseling reduce those numbers. How do we know this? From the innovative risk assessment interviews that are employed by U-M spin-out RAPPS.

How Michigan's Unemployment Insurance Policies Impact Our Future

With a jobless rate that's 50 percent below the state average, it's easy to think Ann Arbor is immune to the impacts of long-term unemployment. The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Project commissioned a study on the effects of the state's policies and discovered that we're undermining both our economic recovery and the well-being of our most vulnerable kids.
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826Michigan: Harnessing Robot & Volunteer Power

Last week, Concentrate's speaker event asked 826Michigan's executive director Amanda Uhle how her organization attracts and activates so many volunteers and what a robot repair store has to do with teaching kids to write. If you missed the event you can still learn the answers in our video.
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