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Daniel Rosenberg

My position at ForeSee Results is focused on working as a component of both the Marketing and Public Relations departments.  I report directly to the Director of Marketing and the Director of Public Relations. Social media is an all encompassing concept that is evolving and taking a new mold everyday. At ForeSee Results we have put together a decisive and pragmatic strategy to focus on achieving specific social media goals. My main responsibilities are to engage ForeSee Results in the social media space with relevant industry members and monitor new and emerging media that involves my company and/or industry. I am amazed how fast social media has proliferated since I started working. It is fascinating to watch trending technology and see how messages are being disseminated through new channels that never existed before. I am very humbled to be working in a cutting edge job at a cutting edge company.

Job Title: Social Media Specialist
Company: ForeSee Results
College: Michigan State University, Communication, Business, Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Alex Merz

My position at ForeSee Results is centered on the keystone between three major areas of our company: Finance, Sales and Client Services. I report directly to the Chief Financial Officer, and thus I get to be highly involved in developing and managing key internal financial objectives, and am allowed to contribute heavily to sales operations, infrastructure improvements, and system/process development. I am also responsible in many cases to coordinate resources across these functional areas to allow this to happen. Being a part of a high growth Michigan company is very exciting, and I get to learn a lot very quickly. I am surrounded by some very talented people who are always willing to reach out and support those of us who are younger and willing to learn!  In my off time, I also serve as a board member for a local non profit (Community Records (http://www.crfoundation.net/), an organization that brings music education to disadvantaged youth), and I get to apply many of the lessons I learn during my day job to help scale their organization for growth.

Job Title: Financial Operations Coordinator
Company: ForeSee Results
College: Eastern Michigan University, Accounting, Finance, Ypsilanti, MI

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