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Kelsey Elliott

As a sales rep for Pearson Education, I represent the largest educational publishing company in the world.  I am in charge of a sales territory that consists of 10 colleges and universities in Metro Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.  I visit college professors, deans, and department chairs at each of these schools to not only service my current customers, but also expand my products in other courses and departments.  I started with Pearson in Columbus, OH and was promoted to my current position in January 2011.  I chose this area because I really liked my hiring manager and the sales growth opportunity thay my terriory displayed.  My favorite part of my job is working with all the amazing professors.  I have learned so much from them and have gained an even greater respect for Michigan Higher Education!

Job Title: Publisher's Sales Rep
Company: Pearson Education
College: Heidelberg University, Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations, Tiffin, OH

Morgan Bell

As a math specialist, my job is to identify the students in the school who are struggling significantly with math. I then determine where their areas of weakness are and work with them in small groups to build their math skills and get them caught up to grade level. The job is very technical in the sense that I do a lot of data collection and analysis, but it is also very personal in the sense that I get to connect with students one-on-one, figure out how they learn and see them progress. I absolutely love both aspects of the job and can’t imagine a better fit for me. I work with grades 1-7, and experiencing all of the different ages and curriculums has been a wonderful opportunity as a first time teacher.

Job Title: Math Specialist
Company: National Heritage Academies
College: Hope College, Mathematics and Elementary Education, Holland, MI

Kara Eggers

I chose Art Education because of my passion for both teaching and Art. Teaching Art allows me to be flexible in the content I teach, constantly making connections to anything from cultural traditions around the world to the food web in the ocean. I am able to be a designer, leader, manager, caregiver, innovator, and often a counselor.  It is a very rewarding job and there is never a dull moment. I taught for 3 years in Stockton, California after I graduated college. The experience I gained helped propel me into my current position. I am more grateful now for my job in my home state and wouldn't have it any other way.

Job Title: Art Educator
Company: National Heritage Academies
College: Western Michigan University, College of Fine Arts, Art Education, Kalamazoo, MI

Leanna Gingras

I do a little bit of everything at my job! Mainly, I do user research, which means interviewing people, usability testing our products with them, conducting focus groups, analyzing website stats, accessibility testing and compliance and more. I also do interaction and interface design work, where I take what I know about how users use our products and use it to make better, intuitive, and delightful website interfaces.

Job Title: User Experience Specialist
Company: ITHAKA
College: University of Michigan, School of Information, Ann Arbor, MI

Katie Rieder

I am responsible for implementing the permanent classroom teacherís daily lesson plans. Each of my days begins in a new classroom, with new students, and new first impressions. The most important part of my job is effective classroom management I believe that my success as a substitute is directly linked to the respect that I give my students. Each time that I set foot in a new classroom I check my ego at the door and endeavor to act as a coach rather than a dictator. I anticipate excellence rather than expect failure. Managing a class with this attitude I earn the respect of the students.

Job Title: Teaching
Company: Washtenaw County
College: University of Washington, Drama Department, Seattle, WA

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