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Sandra Maki

I am the facilitator of really awesome and amazing connection opportunities for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. I am responsible for overseeing the coworking facility that the InSights Group offers, coordinating classes and networking events, creating new classes and material. Social Media Trainer and Organic Marketing Program Creator and getting people to think about fun and new ways to market their business.

Job Title: First Lady, Co-Founder
Company: InSights Group
College: Ashford University, BA Psychology, AA Business Administration, Clinton, IA

Shamar R. Herron

SPARK East offers both physical office space, as well as essential business services to support the local talent needs.  SPARK East also offers the unique SPARK East Entrepreneur Resource Board (SEERB), and expert team in a range of critical start-up services, including banking, finance, marketing, sales, human resources and logistics.

At SPARK East I manage the redevelopment and day to day operations of SPARK East.  I also work on the site selection committee to choose the current location.  Day to day responsibilities include: Building management, Tenant recruitment, Administrative duties, and Community outreach.  Pfizer donated $5 Million worth of life science equipment to Ann Arbor SPARK.  At The Michigan Innovation Equipment Depot, I work to distribute this equipment to over 100 start up companies throughout the state.

Job Title: Manager of SPARK East & The Michigan Innovation Equipment Depot
Company: Ann Arbor Spark
College: Eastern Michigan University, Political Science Department, Public Administration, Ypsilanti, MI

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