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Daniel Jenuwine

Richner & Richner is pleased to announce the promotion of Daniel Jenuwine to Senior Consultant.

Jenuwine joined the firm in 2007 as Consultant and Director of Operations. As Senior Consultant he will guide and coach Richner & Richner’s non-profit clients on all aspects of relationship-based fundraising, including major gifts, planned giving, and campaigns.

“This promotion is in recognition of the outstanding service Dan has provided to our clients over the past six years and the great skills he has honed providing strategic fundraising counsel,” said Richner & Richner co-founder and partner Cedric Richner.

Jenuwine lives in Troy with his wife and two children. He has over twenty-two years of experience in fundraising and non-profit finance, operations, and program development. Prior to joining Richner & Richner, he held key positions at the Michigan Colleges Foundation, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and at Wayne State University.

Founded in 1997, Richner & Richner advises non-profit organizations across the U.S. on the design and implementation of comprehensive, tailored fundraising strategies to achieve ongoing, sustainable success. Services include strategy development; campaign planning; staff development and training; donor portfolio and relationship development; feasibility studies; planned giving program development; and program audits. The firm serves a wide range of clients including: retirement communities and senior service organizations; health & human service organizations; poverty alleviation organizations; education organizations; and community, cultural & environmental organizations.

Job Title: Senior Consultant
Company: Richner & Richner
College: Walsh College, Masters Degree, Troy, MI

Jon D. Houston

My job is to spread the word about the Credit Union and that people in this community can join UMCU.  I belong to many different social networking groups from meetup.com to the A2Y Chamber for work to name a few.  I attend other events in the community and volunteer as well on behalf of UMCU’s community outreach efforts.  I setup information tables and give away many premium items to members in the community to promote the GREATNESS of UMCU.  I found my job on Careerbuilder.com.  What I like most about my job is interacting with people, building lasting relationships and not being tied to the desk.  The credit union movement is “People Helping People” and we are only in business to help people out.

Job Title: Community Relations
Company: University of Michigan Credit Union
College: Concordia University, BBA & MS, Business and Leadership, Ann Arbor, MI

Jack McCloskey

I have recently been hired as a Financial Planner at Vintage Financial Services in Ann Arbor, MI. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Michigan University where I earned a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics.

During my time at Western I was a member of the Lee Honors College where I researched monetary unions in developing countries.  I also gained some excellent experience as an intern with another fee only wealth management firm in the Kalamazoo area.  

I have completed the coursework toward the Certified Financial Planner designation and will take the board exam soon. Coursework covers the financial planning process, risk management, investments, tax planning, retirement, employee benefits and estate planning.

Job Title: Financial Planner
Company: Vintage Financial Services
College: Western Michigan University, Finance, Minor in Economics, Kalamazoo, MI

Helen Starman

I have more than 20 years fundraising and non-profit experience as a social worker, community volunteer and development professional. I'm excited to join the Ann Arbor fundraising firm of Richner & Richner as a consulting analyst. I got interested in fundraising after volunteering on several non-profit boards of directors, including the Lamaze Family Center, Community Day Care and Preschool, the Burns Park PTO and the Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation. When you feel passionately about the mission of an organization and the work they do, you can’t help but be drawn into supporting them financially and then wanting to offer that opportunity to others. Before joining Richner & Richner, I was the director of development for Interfaith Hospitality Network at Alpha House (IHN @ Alpha House), a local shelter for parents and children experiencing homelessness.

Job Title: Consulting Analyst
Company: Richner & Richner
College: University of Michigan, School of Social Work, Ann Arbor, MI

Miles Putnam

I serve on the investment committee for a local money manager. Our firm invests about $300 million for about 200 clients. Half our client base comes from Michigan, with the other half peppered across the country. Our main focus is domestic growth equities. We also have a growing business in municipal bonds. I mainly follow companies in the retail and technology sectors.
There's more money in Southeast Michigan than people often assume. The auto industry made a lot of people rich over the years, and a good amount of that money is still here. The investment finance industry isn't nearly as developed here as, say, Chicago, but I'd bet that it's on the way up.

Job Title: Research Analyst
Company: Seger-Elvekrog, Inc.
College: University of Michigan, BA in Economics, Masters in Information Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Mike Burnside

I typically deal with people who are looking to secure loans and find that their credit scores are too low to qualify. A loan officer, real estate agent or insurer will tell a potential client that, while they would like to do business with them, it's not possible at this time and that if they were interested, there is someone who can help: me. The process of improving a credit score isn't hugely complicated, but it is daunting for the average person and can take some time. I make sure that the biggest score increase is achieved in the shortest time possible so that the client can then be eligible for the loan they wanted. When I do my job, everyone ends up winning.

Job Title: Legal Assistant
Company: Finn Law Group
College: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Diploma of Technology, Burnaby, Canada

Shane Michael Brion

I currently manage one of the only on campus branches of JPMorgan Chase Bank in the entire country directly on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. I have been in Banking for 5 years, primarily due to my strong desire to help better the lives of my customers through properly financial education. I am in charge of staffing, recruiting, and the overall profitability of the branch. I chose to work and live in the Ann Arbor area because of the incredible atmosphere and the endless job growth potential in my field.

Job Title: New Build Vice President – Branch Manager
Company: Chase Bank
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science, Engineering, East Lansing, MI

Christopher Michalak

In January of 2006, a left the field of engineering (where I was previously working as a transmission engineer) and took a job working with my father at his tax and financial planning firm. I soon realized that this was an excellent fit for my personality and talents.
Since then, I have become an advisory licensed financial advisor, as well as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. I recently completed my Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation, and I now provide full service financial planning and tax preparation for a growing base of customers. While many of my clients are local, I also provide planning for several that have moved to other areas, as well as those that spend their winters elsewhere.
Capstone Tax & Financial is now jointly owned by me and my father, and we employ several staff members to provide for our clients in the best way possible. As the complexity of tax rules and regulations increase, it becomes mandatory to work with a financial advisor who intimately understands the impact of any financial decision. We continue to expand and focus our energies on deliberate and strategic growth.

Job Title: Tax and Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner
Company: Capstone Tax & Financial
College: Kettering University, Mechanical Engineering, Flint, MI

Mohsen Ghazi

I work in the Treasury Department of company called Lear Corporation. As the company is one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, a large portion of their revenues and costs are in foreign currencies. Thus, my main job is to help manage the company’ s exposure to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, which is the largest and most liquid market in the world. My group and I basically attempt to forecast which direction different currencies are headed based on economic fundamentals and political events.

We then ‘hedge’ our exposure by making contracts with banks where we agree to exchange a fixed amount of a currency at a fixed price in the future---using a derivate instrument called a forward contract. My job requires a strong predilection for current events and the international political economy. With political crises erupting throughout the Middle East, and one of the worst natural disasters of our time striking Japan, my experience has expanded my world view immensely, and I have a newfound appreciation for the interconnectedness of the economic and political systems between different countries. All in all I enjoy my job, although I warn you, adjusting your sleep schedule after college truly sucks!

Job Title: Financial Risk Analyst
Company: Lear Corporation
College: Kalamazoo College, Economics & Business, Kalamazoo, MI

Jordan Fylonenko

Being a Search Engine Optimization Strategist is definitely a fun job. Whether I’m writing copy, working with social media, or looking at metrics, there’s always something new that comes along. These areas are growing so fast, there’s really no limit to what you can do. The people I work with make it even better. They’re smart as hell and down to earth – the kind of people you’d have a beer with after work.
Quicken Loans is moving downtown to the Compuware building in August, so I’m pretty pumped about that (the view is sweet). With all the negative news we often hear about Detroit, it’s good to know there are people who are truly looking to improve the city. Come say hi to us sometime!

Job Title: SEO Strategist
Company: Quicken Loans
College: Western Michigan University, School of Communication, BA Public Relations, Kalamazoo, MI

Katie Emig

I am responsible for: Developing relationships with finance related bloggers to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and exchange content. Researching SEO while working directly with the web team to increase leads. Determining site strength indication (SSI) to find total score of site to submit finance related articles to increase Quicken Loans organic search. Link building and lead generation through submitting classified ads to online sites. Reach out to Quicken Loans customers to receive feedback from their experience to gain knowledge and understanding. Social bookmarking articles to give content exposure and link building. Helping plan upcoming social media events in Metro Detroit.

Job Title: Web Marketing Intern
Company: Quicken Loans
College: Valparaiso University, Major in Marketing, Minor in Public Relations, Valparaiso, IN

Adam Choinski

My core function is to find top talent for internal positions with Quicken Loans. These roles may include IT, Marketing, Finance Accounting, Security and others.  Day to day I build relationships with leaders throughout the company to understand their hiring needs. I connect with candidates via job postings (www.quickenloanscareers.com), job/resume boards and social networking.  You can follow me on Twitter: @adamchoinski or connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/cadam53.

Job Title: Recruiter
Company: Quicken Loans
College: DePaul University, College of Commerce, Focus in Finance & Marketing, Chicago, IL

Abby Pougnet

I must admit, after graduating from a grueling four years of college, my first priority was to leave Michigan in search for the perfect job. Like many other young skeptics of the job market here, I was weary of sticking around the area, waiting for something that would never come. So, then I decided to put all my efforts into searching for a position in the Detroit area. Since I majored in communications and focused on public relations, I knew I could find something.

So, here I am, interning for Quicken Loans working on web marketing and social media. I've been here almost three months and I love my job. Aside from the amazing people and atmosphere I get to come to everyday, I've learned so much in the world of free business. I'm currently working on growing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) affiliate community for link building, content syndication and blogger relations. I get to research and build relationships with bloggers to exchange content and engage in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I also work on reputation management by helping to manage our online client reviews.

I love the fact that I'm able to dip my feet in every aspect of social media here, because it keeps everything new and interesting. This company encourages idea sharing and trying new things, which I think is really unique. I'm also a contributor to our Diff Blog and am working on Quicken Loans online TV doing some reporting. We also have the opportunity to get involved with the community on local events that we help with.

This constantly changing, fast paced atmosphere is something I thrive on and perform my best under. With the recent move to the Compuware Building downtown, there is much more excitement to come and I cannot wait!

Job Title: Web Marketing/Social Media Intern
Company: Quicken Loans
College: Oakland University, Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Rochester, MI

Alina Verdiyan

We help people achieve their vision of success through comprehensive financial planning. Services we offer include but not limited to: 401k rollovers and analysis, IRA services, college planning, retirement planning, estate planning, asset and wealth management, and insurance.

Job Title: Financial Advisor
Company: Investment Solution Services
College: Eastern Michigan University, College of Business, Computer Information Systems, Ypsilanti, MI

Joe Kramer

As a commercial lender, I help clients obtain financing for real estate and corporate transactions, primarily in the local market.  My clients own student rentals, apartment complexes, office buildings, retail shopping centers, medical offices, and self storage facilities.  Most of my clients and prospects have borrowing needs of $1 to $10 million.  I also offer deposit solutions including business checking, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, remote deposit capture, lockbox and a number of other products that can be tailored to meet each client’s individual cash management needs.

Job Title: Assistant Vice President - Commercial Lending
Company: TCF National Bank
College: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, BBA in Finance, Financial Planning, Whitewater, WI

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