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Brendan Doms

After college I moved to San Francisco, CA to work for a startup. After a couple years I decided to work on going into business for myself. I wanted to move somewhere with a good social scene, and where the cost of living would make my money go farther. I visited various cities around the U.S. and discovered that Ann Arbor had the combination I was looking for. So now I work here on new business and technology ventures, hoping to make an impact.

Job Title: Entrepreneur, Founder
Company: Independent Consultant
College: Franklin W. Olin, College of Engineering, Needham, MA

David Weight

As Content Coordinator at Ingenex, I am developing and implementing new online content. I work to expand the social media presence for the Internet marketing firm and its clients. Additionally, I help drive the strategic direction and create up-to-the-minute, relevant content for HashtagsForLife, Internet inspiration in the form of #hashtags brought to you by Ingenex Digital Marketing.

Job Title: Digital Content Coordinator
Company: Ingenex Digital Marketing
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Advertising Management, East Lansing, MI

Rebeccah Rapin

As Project Coordinator at Ingenex Digital, I am in charge of making sure all projects are kept moving forward in a timely and organized manner, keeping clients updated on a continual basis. I work directly with clients to promote long-term relationships and ensure customer satisfaction, while networking with prospects to establish new business.

I also assist in organizing events and volunteers for LA2M, a 501c3 educational marketing non-profit dedicated to keeping professionals updated on the latest ideas and appeal in the marketing world. I help create a weekly newsletter sent to members, while organizing speakers for each presentation. Furthermore, I pitch in with content creation for Ingenex, writing press releases and articles when necessary.

Job Title: Project Manager
Company: Ingenex Digital Marketing
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI

John Hostetler

I generate traffic for my websites. When I was living in Poland I noticed that there were a lot of small airlines that flew all over Europe, but that they couldn't be found on the popular websites like Orbitz and Expedia. When I came back to the USA I created AirNinja.com with my brother to show these airlines. Since then we have developed a handful of other websites.

Job Title: Owner
Company: H Brothers Inc.
College: University of Michigan, Bachelor of Business Administration, Ann Arbor, MI

Nicole Genaw

As an Account Manager in Online Sales, I help some of Google's highest-potential advertisers grow their business using Google's products (including search, display advertising, TV, and YouTube). I manage a multi-million dollar book of business and build partnerships with key decision-makers, develop a deep understanding of the advertiser's business model and its customers, and create compelling advertising solutions through customized analysis.

I chose the Metro Detroit area because I was born and raised here and I believe that Detroit and Metro Detroit businesses are detrimental across the nation and am proud to be a part of one of them. I found my job through a referring college friend, but anyone else interested in job openings at Google can visit www.google.com/jobs. Google is known for it's energetic culture, and the Ann Arbor office is no different and I enjoy being able to express my personal interests in my work.

Additionally, unlike many other business that have advertising account managers, you don't need to put a certain amount of time under your belt to meet face-to-face with a client, so there is a lot of avenues to grow professional skills and build your career in the direction that you want.

Job Title: AdWords Account Manager
Company: Google
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Advertising with a Specialization in Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Tiffany Risner

After 4 years in Florida, I needed to experience seasons again, so I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to pursue a career in writing short fiction and poetry but along the way became enthralled with the glitzy world of Digital Marketing. I attended a Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing (http://la2m.org) meeting one warm Wednesday afterrnoon, and after, Derek Mehraban approached me with an internship offer. I jumped at the chance to work for the top Google ranked search result for the keyword "digital marketing." After 2 months of saturating myself with all things digital-- I was hired on full time as Interactive Marketing Coordinator. I am responsible for social media and digital PR for clients as well as Ingenex properties, including the MSU New Media Driver's Licence® and Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing (the soil of my career.) In addition, I drive the strategic direction and create funny and relevant content for HashtagsForLife (http://hashtagsforlife.com), Internet inspiration in the form of #hashtags. Ingenex has given me the tools to achieve some significant results including increasing Ingenex Twitter followers by 60%, Ingenex Facebook "Likes" by 80% and snagging the attention of influential bloggers like Joe Levi who recently used our Virtual Tradeshow Experience concept we created for OSRAM Opto Semiconductors as an example of innovation in new media.

Job Title: Digital Marketing Agency
Company: Ingenex Digital Marketing
College: Palm Beach Atlantic University, BA in English, Psychology Minor, West Palm Beach, FL

Nick Schwab

As Chief Executive Officer of Revetto, my primary responsibilities include business development management, public relations management, setting strategic goals, and connecting with potential clients. However, as co-founder of the company, I also play a primary role in developing the user experience on revetto.com to reflect the company's overall vision, among various other responsibilities and tasks. Since I have a background in programming and previous entrepreneurial experience in web start-ups, I also provide input for certain technological decisions within the company.

Job Title: Co-Founder
Company: Revetto LLC
College: Davenport University, Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming, Grand Rapids, MI

Kai Blum

As Director of Search Engine Marketing, I will help Ingenex expand its national client base for their established and successful SEO and PPC services. I've spent the last ten years at MS&L Digital in Ann Arbor, which allowed me to work on projects for several Fortune 100 clients. I'm excited to use my experience to increase online visibility for current and future clients of Ingenex and to join a team of top internet marketing professionals.

Job Title: Director of Search Engine Marketing
Company: Ingenex Digital Marketing
College: University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Jon Lieberman

At Google, we organize and change around our users and customers. Google's Advertising Sales team embodies that pursuit: We're devoted to finding relevant solutions that meet our clients' changing advertising needs. In that regard, Advertising Sales does more than simply make money for our company. Our efforts focus on the ways that Google technology enables the world's biggest advertisers to enjoy immediate and accountable communication with the consumer. Advertising Sales team members work hard to identify our clients' business challenges, to collaboratively shape solutions that drive their strategic initiatives, and to keep them educated and informed in the ways that current and future Google products can enhance their online and/or offline presence.

Job Title: AdWords Account Strategist
Company: Google
College: Univeristy of Michigan, Computer Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Daniel Rosenberg

My position at ForeSee Results is focused on working as a component of both the Marketing and Public Relations departments.  I report directly to the Director of Marketing and the Director of Public Relations. Social media is an all encompassing concept that is evolving and taking a new mold everyday. At ForeSee Results we have put together a decisive and pragmatic strategy to focus on achieving specific social media goals. My main responsibilities are to engage ForeSee Results in the social media space with relevant industry members and monitor new and emerging media that involves my company and/or industry. I am amazed how fast social media has proliferated since I started working. It is fascinating to watch trending technology and see how messages are being disseminated through new channels that never existed before. I am very humbled to be working in a cutting edge job at a cutting edge company.

Job Title: Social Media Specialist
Company: ForeSee Results
College: Michigan State University, Communication, Business, Public Relations, East Lansing, MI

Ross Johnson

I manage the daily operations at 3.7 DESIGNS with a heavy focus on account management and website strategy. I work with a small team that is primarily based in Michigan through telecommuting, despite having a brick and mortar office on Main Street. This allows us to utilize top talent around Michigan with out being confined to immediate proximity. Most of my day is spent researching and identifying the needs of my clients and developing a strategic plan that will address those needs and objectives.

Our clients are forward thinking and understand that simply having a website is ineffective and that in order to achieve maximum return on investment you need to focus on the strategy of the website itself. This includes research and profiling target markets, performing competitive audits, developing common user paths, identifying branding needs and establishing site objectives and measurement requirements.

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer/Chief Creative Officer
Company: 3.7 Designs
College: Eastern Michigan University, Social Science, Business, Ypsilanti, MI

Greg Grose

As President & Founder of Bizica, LLC I am responsible for leading business development strategy, product development, and company objectives.

Job Title: President & Founder
Company: Bizica.com
College: Michigan State University, Broad College of Business, Business Administration & Pre-Law, East Lansing, MI

Megan Zlatos

I work with clients from around Michigan and the world to help them achieve their business goals online. A lot of my clients have extremely niche products, so helping them connect to their target prospect can be a big challenge. It's very rewarding to know that I have a measurable affect on these businesses, helping them bring in new clients for I work to improve their search rankings, to set up and manage paid search advertising, and to start new social media campaigns. Pure Visibility is a relatively new, growing company with great people and great culture. I've worked on both the east and west coasts, but I love the vibe in Ann Arbor and expect to stick around.

Job Title: ROI Maven
Company: Pure Visibility
College: Yale University, Spanish, New Haven, CT

Alex Merz

My position at ForeSee Results is centered on the keystone between three major areas of our company: Finance, Sales and Client Services. I report directly to the Chief Financial Officer, and thus I get to be highly involved in developing and managing key internal financial objectives, and am allowed to contribute heavily to sales operations, infrastructure improvements, and system/process development. I am also responsible in many cases to coordinate resources across these functional areas to allow this to happen. Being a part of a high growth Michigan company is very exciting, and I get to learn a lot very quickly. I am surrounded by some very talented people who are always willing to reach out and support those of us who are younger and willing to learn!  In my off time, I also serve as a board member for a local non profit (Community Records (http://www.crfoundation.net/), an organization that brings music education to disadvantaged youth), and I get to apply many of the lessons I learn during my day job to help scale their organization for growth.

Job Title: Financial Operations Coordinator
Company: ForeSee Results
College: Eastern Michigan University, Accounting, Finance, Ypsilanti, MI

Kyle Mulka

I'm self-employed, so while I do everything in my company, I like to be doing software design and implementation the most. I'm currently focused on building applications for Twitter.

Job Title: Software Developer, Entrepreneur
Company: Congo Labs
College: Univeristy of Michigan, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ann Arbor, MI

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