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Eric Szuch

My company is a global aerospace engineering company with offices in Spain, The US and South America.  We engineer, design and manufacture aircraft structures for our customers.  My company has allowed its employees to travel around the US and various countries in Europe.  It is full of great opportunities and has a very enjoyable work environment.  My job is to design aircraft structural parts for various types of aircraft.  I take information from the stress department and apply it to the various parts I am designing.  I have to make sure the parts can be manufactured and follow all the design requirements that are set.  I also present various designs at design reviews to be evaluated in order to decide which design should go forward.  Thus far I have been able to go on assignment in Spain to acquire further training and knowledge.

Job Title: Design Engineer
Company: Aernnova
College: Univeristy of Michigan, College of Engineering, Department of Aerospace, Ann Arbor, MI

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