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Scott Sandford

I work in various areas helping to better integrate the financial strategy of this recently acquired J&J subsidiary into the larger whole of the parent company. This has mainly revolves around leveraging assets of the larger corporation to help make the smaller company more effective in the marketplace. It's been tremendous to be able to work for a company that still retains so much of its "start-up" feel while having the backing of a Fortune 50 company. I found the position through on-campus recruiting at Duke, and having heard so many great things about Ann Arbor and the state as a whole from school friends who had gone to U of M undergrad I had no reservations in coming to A2. It's allowed me to complete the shedding my former NYC CPA life and become someone I'm more comfortable with in an unbelievable backdrop.

Job Title: Senior Financial Analyst
Company: Wellness and Prevention
College: Duke University, MBA, Concentrations in Healthcare & Finance, Fuqua School of Business, Durham, NC

Steve Beisheim

As a Wellness Consultant my job is to help people get happy.  I help shift my clients' biochemistry using diet, mind/body and energy releasing techniques.  I love seeing how making small shifts in any of these areas always lead to a profound increase in their wellbeing.  Ann Arbor was a great place to establish my business because it is full of health conscious and forward thinking individuals who don't mind thinking outside the traditional box.  I don't use a one size fits all approach because everyone's body is different and each individual will have their own unique needs. What makes my services unique is that I support my clients as they make physical changes in their lives so I'm there to answer questions and address concerns along the way.  Combined with gratitude practices and other unique emotional releasing techniques, my clients work with me to reestablish their inherent wellness at a pace that's comfortable for them.  My educational background providing therapy and my research in personalized nutrition makes this an ideal career for me.  

Find out more information at SteveBeisheim.com

Job Title: Wellness Consultant
Company: Independent Consultant
College: Emerson College, Journalism, Boston, MA

Kori Sauser

I am a research fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, and an emergency physician in the Veterans Affairs health system and in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan. In the clinical scholars program, I've been able to develop my health services and policy-relevant research skills and to move forward in my own work looking to improve the delivery of acute stroke care in the Emergency Department (ED). My research focuses on time-sensitive processes and reflects the way that we function in the ED -- with an eye on the clock. Much of our clinical work in the ED is time-sensitive... and it is certainly never dull! This fellowship has been an unparalleled opportunity for me to have great mentors, tremendous support, and, amazing peers. While some of our co-fellows perfect "dry erase board art", others cook and dance their stress away, and others of us dream of statistical modeling, I've found an inspiring group of friends and colleagues and I couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to be learning from and working with all of them.

Job Title: Research Fellow and Emergency Physician
Company: University Of Michigan Health System
College: University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Sara Fischer

While I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in science, during my PhD work I found that the parts of working as a researcher that I enjoyed the most were the communication aspects: analyzing, writing and presenting.  I also knew that while I love learning, teaching and speaking about science, I did not enjoy hands-on lab work.  I began to research career options and discovered many articles about medical writing.  I tried my hand at a few freelance gigs during graduate school, and I enjoyed the work so much that I decided to become a full-time freelancer after graduation this past August.  This was also a perfect opportunity for me to relocate back to my home state of Michigan, since I only work from home.

My job consists of writing and editing various types of media for medical communication companies, academic medical centers and researchers and publication companies.  I help my clients to create slide decks, manuscripts, needs assessments, continuing medical education (CME) materials, sales force training modules, patient information materials and posters.  I love the variety of not only the different projects that I work on, but also the many different subject areas that I get to write about.  One day I may be writing about cancer therapies, and the next day I am writing about autoimmune disorder treatment strategies.  The other great aspect of this job is that I get to work from home, according to my own schedule.  This career is a perfect fit for me and I am happy to say that I finally am working my dream job!

Job Title: Freelance Medical Writer and Editor
Company: Fischer Medical Communications
College: The Ohio State University, PhD, Columbus, OH

Derek Rosen

I am a pediatric anesthesiologist, so much of my day is spent trying to distract children before anesthetising them, but contrary to popular belief I don't spend most of that time doing crossword puzzles and reading the newspaper.  Working in a quaternary referral hospital means a lot of our patients have rare conditions that we have often never heard of, let alone seen before.  This adds an extra challenge and requires a bit of studying up to ensure we can provide the safest care possible.  Much of my role is spent supervising and teaching anesthesia residents which has always been one of my passions.  During my medical training I developed an interest in global health and have been on a couple of capacity building/teaching missions to Africa where I have been fortunate to share my knowledge and skills with very dedicated but under-resourced and underpaid doctors.  Anesthesia is very poorly developed in many African countries and pediatric anesthesia even more so.  When I was in Ethiopia they told me there were only 18 or so anesthesiologists in the whole country (of 85+ million people), we have close to double that in our pediatric hospital alone.  The opportunity to work at Mott Children's Hospital and consolidate my pediatric anesthesia skills and get to teach as well was too good to pass up, so here I am.

Job Title: Visiting Faculty, Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology
Company: University Of Michigan Health System
College: University of New South Wales, Faculty of Medicine, South Wales, Australia

Jessica Gentile

I am a licensed pharmacist working as one of two first year pharmacy practice residents at Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan. As a resident, my time is spent rotating through the hospital floors, collaborating with doctors, nurses and technicians to refine and monitor drug therapy, tailor medications, dosages and regimens to my patients' individual needs. Pharmacists are drug information specialists and am frequently consulted by other health care professionals on drug selection, dosages, interactions and administration. One of the other large aspects of my job is conducting a medical research project to be formally presented at the regional meeting. I chose Allegiance and Jackson for the small-town feeling the community has. I also love being able to practice along side so many accomplished health professionals, and am excited to be a part of the beginning of a medical education program that will easily distinguish itself in the upcoming years!

Job Title: Post-Graduate Year-1 Pharmacy Practice Resident
Company: Allegiance Health
College: Ohio Northern University, Raabe College of Pharmacy, Ada, OH

Louis Feurino

As a combination treatment psychiatrist, I use both medication and talk therapy (psychotherapy) to help people manage problems with mood, anxiety, behavior, and relationships.  While I spent a lot of time in academic medicine, I recently decided to open my own practice where I specialize in offering combination therapy (medication and psychotherapy) to those with significant difficulties.  I also help by prescribing medication for people who are already in talk-therapy with a psychologist or social worker (who don't have the ability to write prescriptions), and I work closely with a select group of local therapists.  I enjoy my work because it allows me to really make a difference in the lives of others.  I also get to watch amazing transformations happen in people with time and work.  My practice is evidence-based, meaning I use the medical literature and latest studies extensively in my medical decision-making, and I have trained in and incorporate elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy, which gives me a broad range of knowledge and options with which to help get people better.

Job Title: Psychiatrist
Company: Independent Consultant
College: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Mike Coval

Have you ever seen someone for the first time in a few months and said "Wow John!  You must have lost 30 lbs since I last saw you?". That's what we do. We change peoples lives. To show you how diverse our clientele is, we have successfully prepared a professional basketball player for his season in China, taken an individual with a lower back disc herniation with extreme pain to experiencing no pain in a matter of 2 months, and had a client drop 53 lbs in 9 months. We are extremely passionate with what we do and are always learning so we can continue to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Job Title: Entrepreneur / Personal Trainer
Company: Coval Training and Performance
College: Western Michigan University, Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, Kalamazoo, MI

Alicia Simmer

Health care is very exciting right now with the new reform laws and initiatives.  While I've always worked in health care, I specificaly wanted to work on something that really benefited Michigan and the people of Michigan.  M-CEITA fits that perfectly.  M-CEITA’s purpose is to help providers navigate the complex health IT (HIT) marketplace by providing guidance with selection, adoption and effective use of HIT – resulting in successful achievement of the Meaningful Use criteria and receipt of federal incentive payments.   The M-CEITA program is making a concerted effort to work with the Physician Organizations and Physician Hospital Organizations, Physician Associations, payers, hospitals, and health systems in Michigan to help educate and promote IT adoption in physician practices. These organizations have a high degree of influence on physician choices, and they have played a critical role in motivating and organizing the physician communities in adopting e-prescribe systems, patient registries, and other process / quality improvement initiatives.  Working through the Physician Organizations to either define or promote an IT adoption strategy for their affiliated physician communities is one of the best ways to reach the physician community and motivate IT adoption.  At M-CEITA, I facilitate partnership development and business relationships with the physician organizations and physician hospital organizations in Michigan, helping to develop strategies that will promote HIT adoption in the individual physician practices. 

Job Title: Physician Organization Liaison
Company: Altarum
College: University of Michigan, LS&A, Bio-Psychology, School of Public Health; MHSA, Ann Arbor, MI

Jennifer Zumbrink

Food First by Jennifer is a company that specializes in educating people on how to optimize energy and prevent disease. It is designed to teach people the healing properties of food and empower them to make simple changes to improve their health and lives.

After graduating from Michigan State University, I had a continuum of health issues that compromised my quality of life. It wasn’t until I took a natural approach that my health dramatically improved.

I speak to companies, associations and do one-on-one consultations with individuals educating them on the “food first” philosophy.

Job Title: Founder/Owner
Company: Food First by Jennifer
College: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Jamie Jay Penn

I am so excited to be apart of the Ann Arbor Community. It is an amazing area filled with so many different people, and a lot of them are as passionate about their Health as I am! I believe that being a great doctor isn't about how much we talk to our patients, but how much we listen. You can learn so much if you would ask questions and listen to the answers. I have believed that all my life and find that it is what works best in a Doctor - Patient relationship. As a doctor of chiropractic I am dedicated to helping people live pain free, and providing them with the tools to help them create a better life everyday through health and wellness.

Chiropractic is not just a medicine to help those in pain, but it is a preventative to your future health! I look forward to helping my neighbors get on the track to a healthy life, and pain free life, and become an integral part of the Ann Arbor Community and Family's!

Job Title: Doctor of Chiropractic
Company: Cummings Chiropractic Center
College: Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, Doctorate of Chiropractic, Daytona Beach, FL

Rita Rodriguez

I am a co-founder and the President of Practical EHR Solutions, LLC (Pehr), a software developer and service provider that helps physicians increase productivity and profitability.  Pehr is developing software that will educate and guide healthcare professionals through the implementation of 44 best practice initiatives, most of which are the result of the constantly changing regulatory environment in healthcare and the increasing technical skill set needed for compliance. While the software is in development, Pehr is focusing on providing Electronic Health Record implementation services directly to physician practices. My most previous job was as the Chief Operating Officer of a 50 physician multispecialty group where she and the other Pehr co-founders developed an implementation methodology that allows physicians to achieve a positive return on their EHR investment.
Along with my team, I launched the organization in January 2011 in Ann Arbor, feeling there is no better place for a healthcare IT start-up organization.

Job Title: President
Company: Practical EHR Solutions
College: Central Michigan University, Master's in Health Services Administration, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Jessica Ray

At the University of Michigan Medical School, I am just starting to do stroke research and am in the process of creating my own project.

Job Title: Research Technician
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Michigan, Bachelor Degree, Ann Arbor, MI

Michael R. Germain

My primary responsibility is for the delivery of our software and services, but like everyone else working for a startup company, I wear many hats.  From day to day I can be doing sales, project management, or software design.

Job Title: Vice President
Company: Practical EHR Solutions
College: Grand Valley State University, Mathematics, Allendale, MI

Thanh Tran

MentalNote is an electronic medical records (EMR) for the behavioral health industry. MentalNote was created and designed by Dr. James Hughes, a psychiatrist and programming hobbyist. Dr. Hughes and I created the H&T Medical Solutions company to help simplify psychiatrist's documentation in private practices. The company is refer as MentalNote, the brand name. After three years of piloting MentalNote and selling over 150 paid licenses in 5 countries, the market research showed a need for MentalNote. It provided simple tools and features that was missing in the EMR industry.

As CEO of MentalNote, the responsibilities are unlimited and I LOVE it. Like any entrepreneur for a startup, you wear multiple hats to run your business. Not only do I have to manage the daily operations of the company, meet the sales projections, continuously build the brand, seek partnership to expand the business and pay my employees, but I also have to do a lot of public relations (PR) for MentalNote. Being the CEO, I have to accept that I am the face of the brand and that the energy, exciting and PR I do everyday is how the brand will be perceived. I want MentalNote to be known as a "creative" company and not just another EMR. In addition, making sure our business partners are as equal or more successful  than we are is very important to me. I tremendously enjoy this job and I find it challenging each day.

Job Title: CEO
Company: H&T Medical Solutions, LLC
College: Michigan State University, BS/MS, Electrical Engineering, East Lansing, MI

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