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Yvette Patrick

At MOST Ministries we send short term mission teams all over the world, providing for physical and spiritual needs of thousands of people each year. Some of our projects include: providing clean water, medical clinics, eyeglass clinics, dental clinics, construction, agriculture and many more. My position as finance administrator is primarily to support the staff in facilitating the mission trips. I am responsible for bookkeeping, budgeting/forecasting, some human resource functions, IT support and various other office related duties. I am currently pursuing my Master's of Accounting at Walsh College in Novi and I am hoping to sit for the CPA Exam within the next few years. I love being apart of this organization and knowing that the work that I do, helps to deliver resources to people around the world that are in desperate need of hope and support.

Job Title: Finance Administrator
Company: MOST Ministries
College: University of Michigan - Dearborn, Dearborn, MI

Jon D. Houston

My job is to spread the word about the Credit Union and that people in this community can join UMCU.  I belong to many different social networking groups from meetup.com to the A2Y Chamber for work to name a few.  I attend other events in the community and volunteer as well on behalf of UMCU’s community outreach efforts.  I setup information tables and give away many premium items to members in the community to promote the GREATNESS of UMCU.  I found my job on Careerbuilder.com.  What I like most about my job is interacting with people, building lasting relationships and not being tied to the desk.  The credit union movement is “People Helping People” and we are only in business to help people out.

Job Title: Community Relations
Company: University of Michigan Credit Union
College: Concordia University, BBA & MS, Business and Leadership, Ann Arbor, MI

Maureen Smith

I coordinate a nutrition and physical education program for middle school students in the Detroit area called Healthy Kids and Kidneys. I also dabble in fundraising, organizing a bowling event in the fall, and I help manage an organ donation program targeting Black Greek organizations throughout the state.

Job Title: Program Coordinator
Company: National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
College: Eastern Michigan University, MA, Nonprofit Management and Curriculum Development, Ypsilanti, MI

Danielle Gartner

I'm a Michigander, through and through!  Having spent most of my life and many vacations in this lovely state, I have an intense desire to not only see good things happen here, but to be a part of that story.  Michigan is such an amazing place that I have trouble imaging myself leaving and Ypsilanti a gem, often overlooked. I've known about Growing Hope since moving to the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area in 2006 for school and have since made sure to check out what exciting things this amazing organization has going on, from their youth programs to the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmer's Market and the Growing Hope Center urban demonstration farm to their Garden Leadership Training course.  Once I was alerted to an opening, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Growing Hope team and thankfully they felt I was a good fit!  I'm beyond excited to be working to increase opportunities for healthy food access and food consumption in the Ypsilanti area by working with residents to grow their own food.  It is such a powerful experience. My job specifically is in managing the youth programs including after school clubs, summer camps, a youth internship program and gardening programs around residential raised bed installations and leadership training for community gardeners, in addition to doing some work on program evaluation.

Job Title: Garden and Youth Program Manager
Company: Growing Hope
College: University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Environmental Justice, Ann Arbor, MI

Hannah Ashmore

Fundraising focused gal, working for an Ypsilanti-based non-profit with the goal to improve people's lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access. To parallel - and ratchet up a notch! - our healthy food focus, I'm taking on the personal challenge of healthy BODY by running the NYC Marathon to raise awareness (and funds) around the fact that it's not just the food you put into your body that's important, but what you do with your body to get it moving.

I'm whole-heartedly committed to creating healthy lives for people, with a focus on youth, and constantly amazed by the powerful forward movement of Southeast Michigan!  Detroit, and the surrounding area, is being dubbed the 'Wild West of Creativity' and I am super thankful to be a part of the energy swirling around.

Job Title: Development Manager
Company: Growing Hope
College: Michigan State University, International Relations, East Lansing, MI

Ryan Werder

Michigan is an exciting place to be working on politics and environmental issues right now. My job is to direct the Michigan League of Conservation Voters' (LCV) political and issue campaigns across the state as well as be our voice in Lansing and the media. The fact that Michigan LCV engages in elections and holds officials accountable with our signature Scorecard, as well as other tools that let voters quickly determine how well their legislators are actually representing them, gives us a unique place in protecting Michigan's Great Lakes, land, and air.

Before working with Michigan LCV, I worked for Congressman John D. Dingell, where I was fortunate to work with him on an array of issues but, in particular, I managed a project that will be his local legacy for the region, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. Doing so showed me the importance of supporting good conservation work with strong environmental protections. When the job with Michigan LCV came up that fully encapsulated that realization I took the opportunity. I also now serve on the Board of Directors for the International Wildlife Refuge Alliance, which is a different non-profit that is focused on the continued success of the Refuge.

Job Title: Political Director
Company: Michigan League of Conservation Voters
College: University of Michigan, College of Language, Science, and Arts, Political Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Ellie Falaris Ganelin

I get the word out about the Concert House and help run day-to-day operations. A typical day could include designing posters for upcoming concerts, putting together electronic and paper newsletters, taking ticket reservations, and actually managing concerts. It's great because I'm surrounded by live music all the time and have the opportunity to interact with some very talented artists, as well as members of the community on a daily basis.

I am also the Marketing and Public Relations representative for Saagara LLC (www.saagara.com). I promote this new company based in Ann Arbor that develops holistic health programs for the iPhone, as well as through a web-based subscription service. I enjoy working for Saagara because I get to wear many different hats: designing visual elements, writing content for Web site and iPhone apps, and doing PR work. We had a party celebrating the launch of our first iPhone app called Pranayama in December, which was a lot of fun. It's great to see cutting-edge ideas grow in this new business.

Job Title: Marketing and Operations Manager
Company: Kerrytown Concert House
College: University of Maryland, School of Music, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, College Park, MD

Karen Jenks

I am one of two operations assistants at the concert house; because KCH maintains such a small staff, I basically do anything that needs to be done.  On a typical day, I could go from speaking with artists about their bookings to changing the toilet paper - it's exciting, it's unpredictable, and I love it.  Not only am I exposed to all kinds of music on a daily basis, but I get to provide the personal touch that really makes the Concert House what it is.  KCH is a lynch pin in the Ann Arbor community - especially in the Kerrytown District - and I am so proud to be able to be a part of this organization.

Job Title: Operations Assistant
Company: Kerrytown Concert House
College: Univeristy of Michigan, Master of Music, Violin Performance, Ann Arbor, MI

Linda Foit

Our lab investigates the folding and stability of proteins in the living cell. Protein stability has important implications for the development of protein-based drugs and biotechnological applications and is affected in a variety of human diseases such as cystic fibrosis or Alzheimer's disease. We've recently developed a bacterial system that will allow researchers to easily identify stabilized variants of proteins, helping to understand how protein function and stability are maintained in the human body.

My daily work involves running and planning experiments, documenting scientific data, keeping up with the scientific literature and supervising students. We often have group or departmental meetings to discuss scientific problems. My job also includes publishing my research results in form of papers in scientific journals, and presenting them at scientific meeting in form of talks and poster presentations. Occasionally, I write grant or fellowship applications.

Job Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Company: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
College: University of Muenster, Ph.D., M.Sc. Biotechnology Major, Physical Chemistry, Business Administration (minors), Muenster, Germany

Andy LaBarre

After working for Congressman John Dingell for two years in Washington, DC, I moved back to Michigan and worked for him from 2006 to 2011. I was excited for the chance to come back home and have a job I really enjoyed. This April I had a chance for another exciting opportunity in the region as I took a position as VP of Government Relations at the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Chamber. Personal and professional connections helped me find this job and I enjoy it. I interface with policy makers, businesses and the community in general to help ensure our area remains a great place to live and work and a vibrant place to do business. I'm grateful that my wife Megan and I can live in southeast Michigan because it really is a wonderful area with tremendous people and a remarkable quality of life. I hope many bright young folks have the same success in finding their jobs here because this is the best place to be.  

Job Title: Vice President of Government Relations
Company: Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Regional Chamber
College: Wittenberg University, Political Science, Religion, Springfield, OH

Brooke Fajardo

I assist TCSG's Co-Directors in their work to streamline legal services for older persons, work to promote smoke-free environments in multi-unit dwellings, promote alternatives to guardianship, and provide training and technical assistance to those working to promote the health and well-being of older Americans.

Job Title: Program Assistant
Company: The Center for Social Gerontology (TCSG)
College: Eastern Michigan University, Bachelor Degree, Ypsilanti, MI

Josh Humbel

I oversee YMCA teen programs including, but not limited to, Summer Camps, Youth in Government, Teen Afterschool, Youth Volunteer Corps and Leader's Club.  My responsibilities include staff hiring and supervision, program management and implementation and general oversight of these programs and other events.

Job Title: Youth and Teens Director
Company: Ann Arbor YMCA
College: Michigan State University, College of Human Ecology, Family and Community Services, East Lansing, MI

James Corey

Starting my career in education, I felt my passion towards nonprofit work grow as I realized the needs of children could not all be meant in a classroom. I serve as a development officer and help identify new opportunities and help with existing campaigns.  In addition I am responsible for running the young leaders society, updating and maintaining our social media, and I serve on the public policy board for the Michigan Association of United Ways. I love knowing about local politics and how political decisions will affect individuals lives. I am inspired everyday by the generosity of our community and the passion that people in Michigan share towards helping each other.

Job Title: Account Executive
Company: United Way of Washtenaw County
College: Kenyon College, Bachelor of Arts, History, Gambier, OH

Dan Robin

My career at NEW began as an intern under the CEO in 2009. I learned about internal operations related to social enterprise structures and management.  In the summer of 2010 I transitioned into a Project Management role with regard to marketing and re-branding. Currently, Iím in the unique position of being one of a few conduits that train community members and corporate citizens how to serve on nonprofit boards as well as match their interests with the nonprofitís needs.  Iíve found through my facilitation experience with various types and sizes of boards and staff that both individuals and communities in Southeast Michigan can be characterized as innovative and resilient.   I chose to live, work, and play in metro Detroit because I have the opportunity to contribute to and be a part of that culture.

Job Title: Program Associate
Company: NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work Inc.)
College: University of Michigan School, Social Work, MSW Management & Evaluation, Ann Arbor, MI

Erin Stanley

Our organizationís mission is to foster, develop and support youth initiative, and a strong representational youth voice in the service and decision-making life of our community, and to engage youth as resources on a county, state-wide, national and international basis. After serving AmeriCorps as a Service Learning Coordinator in the Milwaukee Public Schools, I witnessed the wisdom, energy, and potential youth have to change the world! I was inspired to keep working to encourage youth voice in society, and was also motivated to return to Michigan. My upbringing in Detroit strongly influenced my commitment to social justice, and I wanted to return to a place where my creativity would be valued and my passions put to work. All of our programs at the Youth Empowerment Project are youth-led and strive to ensure that the youth of Washtenaw County are respected and engaged as active participants in their community and school.

Job Title: Program Coordinator/AmeriCorps VISTA
Company: Youth Empowerment Project
College: Loyola University Chicago, Human Services, Sociology, and Urban Studies, Chicago, IL

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