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Emily Taylor Penix

I work with an amazing group of people to develop what we call smart websites.  I work directly with the client for the life span of their project.

We program in WordPress and directly integrated most of our sites with social media, newsletter outlets, etc.  Basically we work with our clients to expand their web reach and cut down the time that they spend on the computer by giving by giving them efficient tools.  It's usually a requirement that we have some fun too!

We're on the outskirts of cool Kerrytown in Ann Arbor if you want to pop in and say hi!

Job Title: Project Manager & Graphic Designer
Company: Whole Brain Group
College: Michigan State University, College of Arts & Letters, Fine Arts, East Lansing, MI

Ken Wohl

I am the co-founder of Leftos.com which is a place for people to anonymously discuss issues related to male and female interaction.  I head all marketing operations.  I also do independent social media consulting on the side, in which I help educate companies how to use social media to reach specific goals.

Job Title: Co-founder and Head of Marketing
Company: Leftos.com
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science, East Lansing, MI

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