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Molly McFarland

Ann Arbor has almost every quality I sought when considering places to live and start my career. I wanted a city I could walk around, with a younger, hipper community, an abundance of natural beauty and a balance between professional opportunity and fun. When I found a job I love with Hobbs+Black, a well established architecture firm in downtown Ann Arbor, it solidified my decision to stay here and I havenít regretted it.  How could I complain?  I get to work, shop, eat, live and play all within a couple of miles of home.

Job Title: Marketing/Business Development
Company: Hobbs+Black Associates, Inc.
College: Tulane University, Newcomb College, English Major, New Orleans, LA

Monica Forward

I handle the daily management of the company which consists of all legal and financial issues.  I am also responsible for the hiring of employees and running company meetings. I oversee all marketing and I handle any warranty issues with clients. Finally, I am in charge of overall client care.

Job Title: General Manager
Company: Forward Designers & Builders
College: Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

Jef Forward

My duties are primarily sales, and design. I sell potential clients on the service and handle all contracts.  I leads all design work with an assistant who handles the computer drawings. I also create the designs and manage all selections from paint colors to light fixtures. I am active in the field during construction to ensure projects are built as they were designed and to handle any unforeseen issues.

Job Title: Owner/Lead Designer
Company: Forward Designers & Builders
College: Univeristy of Michigan, Masters Degree, Architecture, Ann Arbor, MI

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