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Priyan Weerappuli

After graduating from MSU, I spent three years developing a web-based platform where researchers and non-researchers can openly debate, discuss, and actively participate in meeting the challenges that our generation, and our world, will face in the years to come.  To this end, in February I launched the research microfinance component of this platform that allows young researchers to propose research projects, and to receive funding (in the form of microinvestments) from the broader online community, in exchange for engaging in 'open-source' research practices - which means that all information and raw data produced during the research will be released unfiltered, and made openly available.  Ultimately, my hope is that these efforts will succeed in cultivating a global culture of innovation and community!

In terms of my day-to-day work; I spend most days splitting time between communicating with academic researchers (professors, lecturers), responding to questions/concerns regarding the research microfinance platform and developing/managing the online environment.  In addition, every so often, I also am privileged to speak with college/high school students regarding the importance of scientific research for ourselves and our future.

Job Title: Founder & Executive Director
Company: Open Source Science Project
College: Michigan State University, Psychology, East Lansing, MI

Jason Yaeger

In my position, I manage day to day technical operations, including client support and order deployment.

Job Title: Operations Manager
Company: Online Tech
College: Eastern Michigan University, Accounting and Finance

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