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Allen Kim

I am the Co-Founder of Bebaroo. Bebaroo is an online baby gear rental service for babies between 0 to 2 years of age. Think of Netflix for baby gears. I set the vision of the company and deal with logistics, supply chain, technical implementation, recruiting, as well as raising capital. Currently I am working on web development to launch the pilot website.

Job Title: Co-Founder & Entrepreneur
Company: Bebarang
College: University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Industrial Operations Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI

Adrienne Klum

As a user experience designer I begin a project by understanding the client and their goals and the goals of their customers and users.  I interview, ask questions, create diagrams and workflows - all in an effort to understand these users so that I can better design the system (or website) to create an interface that is intuitive and fun. From there, I create architectural documents that outline the information and it's interaction on the page.  A successful project is often defined by its simplicity, creativity and attention to detail.

Job Title: User Experience Designer
Company: Grand River Interactive
College: University of Michigan, School of Information, Human Computer Interaction, Ann Arbor, MI

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