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Travis Wright

Everyday from 4 till 7, I am the local anchor of All Things Considered, NPR's flagship program for more than 40 years. I guide our listeners through through the day's national and local news, arts & culture features, as well as regular weather and traffic updates. From political scandals and ongoing state legislation  to Detroit's breaking bands, businesses and quirky cultural features, we tell stories that matter and effect the lives of all who listen, from Ann Arbor and Port Huron to Flint to London, Ontario.

Job Title: Host, All Things Considered 101.9 WDET-FM
Company: WDET
College: Wayne State University, English, Detroit, MI

Edmund Zagorin

Giant Eel Productions LLC is an independent media company bringing innovative approaches to 3D film-making her in Michigan. As a founding member of the company, I've enjoyed getting into many different aspects of the entertainment business, organizing productions and looking at new ways to adapt to the film-industry's ever-changing demands and challenges. Together, we hope to offer a technical and aesthetic approach to 3D commercial film-making that exemplifies dream-realism, without the overblown CGI saturation that has come to be associated with mainstream Hollywood 3D. Giant Eel takes surrealist film-makers from the early twentieth-century as a point of inspirational departure to innovate the the optical methodology of the photographic process, bringing low-cost 3D production services to an economically diverse clientele. Feel free to contact us at gianteel@gmail.com

Job Title: Producer
Company: Giant Eel Productions LLC
College: University of Michigan, International Affairs & Public Policy, Philosophy, Ann Arbor, MI

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