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Steve Skripnik

As a project engineer, I provide environmental engineering support for a wide range of water issues including stormwater control, watershed management, water quality modeling, and water quality regulations.

Job Title: Project Engineer
Company: Limno Tech
College: University of California, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Berkeley, CA

Ryan Werder

Michigan is an exciting place to be working on politics and environmental issues right now. My job is to direct the Michigan League of Conservation Voters' (LCV) political and issue campaigns across the state as well as be our voice in Lansing and the media. The fact that Michigan LCV engages in elections and holds officials accountable with our signature Scorecard, as well as other tools that let voters quickly determine how well their legislators are actually representing them, gives us a unique place in protecting Michigan's Great Lakes, land, and air.

Before working with Michigan LCV, I worked for Congressman John D. Dingell, where I was fortunate to work with him on an array of issues but, in particular, I managed a project that will be his local legacy for the region, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. Doing so showed me the importance of supporting good conservation work with strong environmental protections. When the job with Michigan LCV came up that fully encapsulated that realization I took the opportunity. I also now serve on the Board of Directors for the International Wildlife Refuge Alliance, which is a different non-profit that is focused on the continued success of the Refuge.

Job Title: Political Director
Company: Michigan League of Conservation Voters
College: University of Michigan, College of Language, Science, and Arts, Political Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Danielle Korpalski

I am responsible for educating, engaging, organizing and mobilizing hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts around selected nationally significant advocacy campaigns.

I help to implement the National Wildlife Federation’s initiative to stop global warming by building and coordinating a coalition of sportsmen and women, labor, business, conservationists and other stakeholders and activists in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio around passage of federal global warming legislation.
I also act as the campaign organizer for NWF’s participation in the Midwest Governor’s Accord, coordinating NWF’s staff working on this campaign and activities with partners in the region.  I engage and collaborate with other organizations and partners to conduct advocacy, media, and online campaigns to influence public policy and decision makers.  I also oversee the work of the Outreach Consultants in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio in support of these objectives.  Additionally, I am a member of the Steering Committee for the Michigan Apollo Alliance.

Job Title: Midwest Regional Outreach Coordinator
Company: National Wildlife Federation
College: Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, East Lansing, MI

Kerry C. Duggan

I have taken over the role of Deputy Director and Director of Development at Michigan LCV.  Michigan LCV is one of over thirty state leagues who collaborate very closely with LCV.  The difference: Michigan LCV focuses exclusively on state-level elections, working to turn community values into state priorities.   We’ll be doing the tough work of electing pro-environment candidates in the neighborhoods, cities and counties throughout Michigan.

Job Title: Deputy Director and Director of Development
Company: Michigan League of Conservation Voters
College: University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources & Environment, Natural Resource Policy & Behavior, Ann Arbor, MI

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