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Kori Sauser

I am a research fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, and an emergency physician in the Veterans Affairs health system and in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan. In the clinical scholars program, I've been able to develop my health services and policy-relevant research skills and to move forward in my own work looking to improve the delivery of acute stroke care in the Emergency Department (ED). My research focuses on time-sensitive processes and reflects the way that we function in the ED -- with an eye on the clock. Much of our clinical work in the ED is time-sensitive... and it is certainly never dull! This fellowship has been an unparalleled opportunity for me to have great mentors, tremendous support, and, amazing peers. While some of our co-fellows perfect "dry erase board art", others cook and dance their stress away, and others of us dream of statistical modeling, I've found an inspiring group of friends and colleagues and I couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to be learning from and working with all of them.

Job Title: Research Fellow and Emergency Physician
Company: University Of Michigan Health System
College: University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Emily Boerman

I ended up working in the international education by accident. While pursing my MSW at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I worked in the International Center. I enjoyed meeting and working with international students, getting to know the student and their home culture as well as sharing about American life. I ended up moving to Indiana in order to begin my career in the international education field working at a small, private university. At my former job, I traveled recruiting students, processed the international student admission applications, advised on immigration related matters, provided orientation for the international students and cultural, social and educational programming. I also co-advised a multicultural student organization. After finding my interest in the field, I decided to focus on immigration advising and programming which led me to Eastern Michigan University. I am thrilled to be back in Southeast Michigan! Job searching in a specific field can be challenging without networking. I attended conferences and made opportunities to network with professionals in the field which aided in my job search.

Job Title: Student Immigration Advisor and Program Coordinator
Company: Eastern Michigan University
College: University of Michigan, Master of Social Work, Interpersonal Practice and Community and Social Systems, Ann Arbor, MI

Drew Steding

I am the go-to guy for 30 student staff members at the Campus Information Center (CIC). I coordinate the scheduling of two info desks and brainstorm new ways to train and develop our student employees. We have 6 committees at CIC which are essentially studentled, but I serve on each committee as a liason between our director and the staff members. In addition, I also get to do fun things like payroll authorization and paperwork (my favorite--- well, no...) Currently, I am working with my supervisor to develop more of a social media presence on campus.

Job Title: Assistant Director, Campus Information Centers
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Michigan, Psychology, Ann Arbor, MI

Brittany Galisdorfer

I work for the University of Michigan’s Office of Financial Analysis, which is responsible for the annual budget/financial planning process for the non-academic side of the university.  One of the key initiatives that I’m currently supporting is the university’s ongoing effort to contain costs, maximize resources, increase efficiencies, and reinvest in the institution. Having spent most of my career working with financially distressed local governments, this job offers me the opportunity to get a firsthand perspective on U-M’s approach to sound financial management against the backdrop of declining state appropriations and other economic challenges. I feel lucky to be part of an institution with such a strategic and long-term approach to fiscal responsibility and to be learning so much!

Job Title: Business Analyst Intermediate
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Michigan, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, Ann Arbor, MI

Arezou Edalati

I am a researcher with PhD degree in the field of Telecommunications / Antennas, working in the Radiation Laboratory of the University of Michigan. The Radiation Laboratory manages world-class academic programs and conducts research on all aspects of applied EM with state-of-art facilities. I am working among professors, researchers and talented students who are doing world class researches.

My research project is design, development and test of novel reflectarray antennas based on Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surfaces. This antenna has many applications in satellite and point-to-point communications as well as terrestrial and avionic radar systems. I really enjoy what I am doing and happy to be in such a scientific and friendly research environment.

Job Title: Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Company: University of Michigan
College: Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, PhD, Telecommunication/Antennas, Montreal, Canada

Gretchen Piatt

I came to Michigan in July, 2011 to start a position as an Assistant Professor of Medical Education in the Department of Medical Education at the Unviersity of Michigan. In my role as an Assistant Professor, I conduct community-based diabetes research, which focuses on improving health systems and health care delivery for people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease; understanding the behavioral and psychological aspects of diabetes prevention and management; and developing and implementing diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment interventions in the community. I contribute to numerous diabetes research studies and author diabetes publications. I routinely present my research and national and international diabetes conferences and serve on local, state, national, and international diabetes committees.

Job Title: Assistant Professor of Medical Education
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Pittsburgh, MPH and PhD, Epidemiology, Pittsburgh, MI

Gretchen Piatt

I came to Michigan in July, 2011 to start a position as an Assistant Professor of Medical Education in the Department of Medical Education at the Unviersity of Michigan. In my role as an Assistant Professor, I conduct community-based diabetes research, which focuses on improving health systems and health care delivery for people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease; understanding the behavioral and psychological aspects of diabetes prevention and management; and developing and implementing diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment interventions in the community. I contribute to numerous diabetes research studies and author diabetes publications. I routinely present my research and national and international diabetes conferences and serve on local, state, national, and international diabetes committees.

Job Title: Assistant Professor of Medical Education
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Pittsburgh, Epidemiology, MPH and PhD, Pittsburgh, PA

Bree Koehler Brouwer

As the Site Coordinator for Eastern Michigan University's 21st Century Collaborative Learning Community, I coordinate an after-school program at Wayne Memorial High School.  The program provides a wide variety of after-school programs for high school students.  We have academic programs and fun programs based on student interest, including an online reading fluency program, homework help, cake decorating and drop-in football.  We see between 25 and 70 students per day.  It's a new program--it is my job to develop the program, hire and train staff, recruit students, and run the daily program.  I used to teach high school math, but I prefer working with students out of the classroom, so this is a good fit for me.

Job Title: Site Coordinator
Company: Eastern Michigan University
College: Kalamazoo College, Mathematics, Kalamazoo, MI

Jessica Ray

At the University of Michigan Medical School, I am just starting to do stroke research and am in the process of creating my own project.

Job Title: Research Technician
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Michigan, Bachelor Degree, Ann Arbor, MI

Brad Rudner

I get asked this question all the time ... "Brad, what do you do?", and it's always difficult for me to answer because we do so much and it's very complex. We essentially serve as liaisons between varsity athletic programs at the University of Michigan and the public. We do this by handling all external activities as it relates to our website, www.mgoblue.com, and accompanying social media applications (Facebook pages, Twitter accounts). We let the public know what's going on. We promote our coaches, student-athletes and our programs at large. The job is writing-intensive at times, but it combines two of my strengths and hobbies - writing and sports.

I still consider myself to be very lucky to be at Michigan. I applied for an internship a few months before I graduated Iowa, and got one of two positions. After spending a year as an intern learning the ropes, I was promoted to full-time status last August and am now starting my second year in the athletic department (third overall in Ann Arbor).

I love it here. I think Ann Arbor is the penultimate college town. Anything you want to do, you can find it here, and that's extremely appealing to me.

Job Title: Athletics Communication Coordinator
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Iowa, B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication, Communication Studies, Iowa City, IA

Mike R. Wilkinson

At Washtenaw Community College, I am responsible for creating promotional videos about school programs.  I also work as a part time faculty member teaching advanced editing software and techniques at Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Lastly, I am the Owner/Director of Wilkinson Visual (www.wilkinsonvisual.com) where I create multimedia productions from script to screen.

Job Title: Web Multimedia Developer
Company: Washtenaw Community College
College: Washtenaw Community College, Specs Howard Broadcasting School, Apple Pro Training, Southfield, MI

Linda Foit

Our lab investigates the folding and stability of proteins in the living cell. Protein stability has important implications for the development of protein-based drugs and biotechnological applications and is affected in a variety of human diseases such as cystic fibrosis or Alzheimer's disease. We've recently developed a bacterial system that will allow researchers to easily identify stabilized variants of proteins, helping to understand how protein function and stability are maintained in the human body.

My daily work involves running and planning experiments, documenting scientific data, keeping up with the scientific literature and supervising students. We often have group or departmental meetings to discuss scientific problems. My job also includes publishing my research results in form of papers in scientific journals, and presenting them at scientific meeting in form of talks and poster presentations. Occasionally, I write grant or fellowship applications.

Job Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Company: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
College: University of Muenster, Ph.D., M.Sc. Biotechnology Major, Physical Chemistry, Business Administration (minors), Muenster, Germany

Ariana Bostian-Kentes

I work at the University of Michigan Spectrum Center where we work with students, faculty, and staff around sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. I have a lot of the admin, budget, and HR responsibilities and I also do student programming and outreach events. I love my job because I get to work with students on a daily basis, bring in amazing speakers, and be part of the first LGBTQ center at any university in the nation.

Job Title: Administrative and Programming Coordinator
Company: University of Michigan Spectrum Center
College: University of Michigan, Program in the Environment, Specialization in Environmental Anthropology, Ann Arbor, MI

Richard Frazin

I am a scientist at the University of Michigan, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, and my job centers around using images and movies of the X-ray Sun taken by satellites to the determine the 3D structure of the outermost layer of the Sunís atmosphere, called the corona.  (to see some of the types of images go to: http://trace.lmsal.com/POD/TRACEpodoverview.html)  Working for the U of M gives me the opportunity to do cutting edge research and work with excellent students and faculty in science and engineering.  In addition, there is a lot of fun travel!

Job Title: Research Scientist
Company: University of Michigan
College: University of Illinois, Department of Astronomy, Urbana, IL

Kristi Fenrich

I run and manage the UM America Reads Tutoring Corps.  Through a partnership with the UM School of Education and the Office of Financial Aid, we train college students to be mindful, effective K - 3 literacy tutors by scaffolding their learning about how student achievement in the U.S. education system interfaces with issues of class, race, language acquisition and other systems.  The University students are the vehicleS through which we work toward our mission of having all children reading well and independently by the end of third grade.

Job Title: Director, America Reads Tutoring Corps
Company: Ginsberg Center, University of Michigan
College: University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science & the Arts, BA in Psychology with a minor in Spanish, Ann Arbor, MI

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