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Elaina L. Turri

I've created a place for like-minded women to come together and share their business and ideas. I also create products such as organizers for direct sales.

Job Title: Founder
Company: Networking for Women
College: Vocational School, Miss Katies College of Beauty, Canton, MI

Andy Kish

Our software is an online application at crowdclarity.com. As a result of this, I do everything from HTML/CSS to programming the back-end engine of CrowdClarity. One real draw of working at CC for me was that their existing code was written in the Python programming language, a language I enjoy programming in a lot. I also do user interface testing and figure out how best to incorporate their feedback into our existing design.

Job Title: Programmer
Company: Crowd Clarity
College: University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ann Arbor, MI

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