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Dawn Bomay

I am a Technical Recruiter at OtterBase. We are a staffing agency located in Livonia. OtterBase has 5 offices, Livonia, Grand Rapids, Minniapolis, Boston, and Nashville. At the Livonia office, we essentially work as an extension of different company’s HR staff, by way of finding candidates to fill temporary or permanent positions at that company. After learning the in’s and out’s of a specific position that needs to be filled, I hit the job boards and social media to try and find potential candidates. After finding a candidate that may be a good fit, I bring them in for an interview with myself. I then submit them and guide them through the interviewing process with the company. I really love my job. I’ve learned a lot about different companies, industries, and jobs that I never knew existed, and I get to talk to new and interesting people every day. Being that I work on different jobs every few days, no day is the same. It is an immense feeling of success when one of my candidates gets hired! I found the job by speaking with Jaime Benzin, the Special Projects Manager at OtterBase, at a career fair at Western Michigan University. I was living in Kalamazoo at the time, and quickly moved out to Ann Arbor to be close to my new job.

Job Title: Technical Recruiter
Company: OtterBase
College: Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

Holly M. Groszko

I work primarily with client companies that are in the Oil/Gas and Aerospace/Defense industries.  I fill technical, engineering and other professional (PM, HR, etc) positions.

Job Title: Technical Recruiter
Company: Acro Service Corporation
College: Eastern Michigan University, Social Science, Public Administration, Ypsilanti, MI

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