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Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location
Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location - Doug Coombe | Show Photo

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All Hands Active

Make it yourself. Or get others to help you. All Hands Active lives up to its name as Ann Arbor's ever-industrious hackpace, a place where inventors, innovators, designers, and crafters plot the overthrow of the status quo... or just make some really cool stuff.read on…

Real World Learning

Academic theory is all well and fine but how do you apply what you've learned to real-life scenarios? U-M's MAP program teams students with companies and non-profits to help institute real-world strategies and solutions. It's an innovative program that provides students with a unique on-the-ground education while strengthening the university's relationship with both local and global businesses. read on…

Jacobsen Daniels: Planning Airports and the Aerotropolis

In eight years this airport planning firm has grown more than ten fold, bought a building in downtown Ypsilanti and count many of the nation's biggest airports as their clients. From internships to aerotropolis development, Jacobsen Daniels is not only the kind of new economy business Michigan needs more of, they are passionately invested in their community's future.read on…

A2 Mech Shop

It's all about playing nice together. Concentrate has reported on everything from food co-ops, to co-living communities to coworking facilities. It only seems fair to throw a little love to the A2Mech Shop, a shared technical space for entrepreneurial engineers and innovative mech heads.read on…

Adaptive Materials

By any measure Adaptive Materials is exactly the kind of  green collar company Ann Arbor wants. Innovative, well-funded and ambitious, this fuel cell technology firm is a model for our region's economic transformation. read on…

Aernnova Lands In Ann Arbor

When you've got 20,000 engineering students within 100 miles of your community, it's easy to make the case that Ann Arbor is the place for engineering firms to set up shop. And that just what U-M's Business Engagement Center did when it attracted Aernnova to The Deuce.read on…

HandyLab, Inc.

  If you're looking for the perfect example of a company that leverages Michigan's new innovations and old strengths, look no further than HandyLab. From biomedical research to the engineering and manufacturing of cutting edge technologies, this Ann Arbor company represents the next evolution for Michigan's economy.   read on…

Quantum Signal

Pound for pound, Ann Arbor-based Quantum Signal is tops for cool-geek technology. From video gaming to controls for unmanned aerial drones to camouflage detection and recognition, the company sees a world of possibilities for its core technologies. They've got their virtual mitts in military applications, industrial robotics and computer gaming, blurring the line between armchair warriors and real world applications
read on…
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