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Jeremy Wheeler at his drawing board with his assistant Sparky Coupon - Ann Arbor
Jeremy Wheeler at his drawing board with his assistant Sparky Coupon - Ann Arbor - Doug Coombe | Hide Photo


Ann Arbor's future: 5 tough questions with Jeremy Wheeler

Jeremy Wheeler is a local artist and writer. Recently he penned a much-talked about comic editorial about the path of development in Ann Arbor and the important questions that aren't being asked. Concentrate decided to follow up with him and ask a few questions of our own.


Dam out, RiverUp!: The making of Mill Creek Park

A few years ago the city of Dexter decided to pull out its dam and redevelop its riverfront. The result has been a healthier Huron River and a near-downtown amenity that's enjoyed by both residents and businesses. 

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Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has it all: the University of Michigan, great shopping, bars and restaurants and amazing concert venues. It also has a vitality that few college towns across the country can boast. It's the kind of city that draws in undergrads and then keeps them for good.

Toss a rock into the air and it'd be hard not to hit a cafe, bistro, or high-tech startup. From its ever-thriving summer Art Fair to its venerable Film Festival, the city consistently tops national quality of life surveys --Forbes, Money/CNN, Sperlings, the list goes on and on. Its school system is first rate, green spaces dominate the landscape and nearly 70% of the population holds a college degree. This small but mighty city is Michigan's leader in innovation.

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