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Ypsilanti Mayor Amanda Edmonds officiates her second wedding at The Aut Bar - Ann Arbor

Feature Story

What makes a street vital? Exploring downtown Ann Arbor's most and least vibrant blocks

Stroll through any downtown and you can quickly identify which streets are hopping with activity and which aren't. Concentrate's Natalie Burg looks at which of Ann Arbor's downtown blocks struggle to attract people and why.
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Concentrate is on summer break

For us, the Fourth of July signals the official beginning of summer. Concentrate will be taking two weeks off to rest, recuperate, and grill stuff. Enjoy our country's star spangled celebrations and check out our Independence cocktail recipe.
Feature Story

Why downtown Ann Arbor needs more office space, and why it's unlikely to get some

It has been forecasted that demand for downtown office space in Ann Arbor will reach an additional 90,000 - 100,000 sq. ft.  Where do those companies go if our city can't or won't supply it? What are the economic implications? And how does transportation fit into the equation? Concentrate digs in.
Innovation News

AlumaBridge's first aluminum bridges go up in Quebec, Florida

AlumaBridge's big claim to fame is creating a better bridge, made out of aluminum, which is lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional options. Travelers should get their first chance to test it out later this summer. The Ann Arbor-based company’s first bridge is being built in Quebec, Canada. AlumaBridge completed the ...
Development News

Yankee Air Museum begins construction on new home as a national attraction

Every millennial who grew up dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot in Washtenaw County probably spent time in the cockpits of the historic aircraft at the Yankee Air Museum. Those dreams were all but snuffed out when a fire ravaged the museum in Willow Run in 2004. The fire in the hangar the Yankee Museum called home destroyed eight historic ...
Innovation News

First scooters set to roll off Mahindra GenZe’s line this year

Ann Arbor's Mahindra GenZe is gearing up to produce its first scooters this year. Mahindra GenZe is a division of an Indian-based scooter manufacturer, Mahindra and Mahindra. It opened a regional technical center in Ann Arbor to design scooters to sell in North America three years ago. Its manufacturing facility followed a little more than a ...
Development News

California-based Pieology Pizzeria opens store in Ann Arbor

Pieology Pizzeria opened a new location in downtown Ann Arbor next to the University of Michigan campus last week. This is the first store in Michigan for the California-based specialty pizza maker, located in a storefront at 620 E Liberty St in the former Borders flagship store. "It's a great location," says Mike Morgan, general ...
Innovation News

Virta Labs tests prototypes to protect medical devices from malware

As the healthcare services start to increasingly rely on technology, they need to start thinking about protecting themselves the same way computers do. Or at least that is how the team at Virta Labs sees it. The Ann Arbor-based startup, which calls the Tech Brewery building home, is developing a technology platform that will defend medical devices ...
In The News

Ann Arbor's record setting $100M office sale

If you want an indicator of how much office space is in demand in Ann Arbor, consider Oxford's $100M office acquisition. Excerpt: "It's hard for me to put into context," said Andrew Selinger, market analyst for Oxford, "but it's probably one of the defining deals of Ann Arbor real estate history." Read the rest here. ...
Innovation News

Digital marketing, software work drive growth at Enlighten

Enlighten is a digital marketing company that has been around long enough to know success revolves around customer service. "We are focused on the customer experience," says Steve Glauberman, CEO of Enlighten. "We see better customer service as a path to higher profit margins." For the 31-year-old company that meant ...
In The News

Tennessee travel writers fall under Ann Arbor’s spell

In case you were wonderin’ what out-of-towners think about Ann Arbor, feast your eyes on the enthusiastic words of praise a pair of feature travel writers have to say about our community. Excerpt: But, residents say many other reasons keep them in Ann Arbor. Students graduate and never leave. Young families like the vibe and point to job ...

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Toss a rock into the air and it'd be hard not to hit a cafe, bistro, or high-tech startup. From its ever-thriving summer Art Fair to its venerable Film Festival, the city consistently tops national quality of life surveys --Forbes, Money/CNN, Sperlings, the list goes on and on. Its school system is first rate, green spaces dominate the landscape and nearly 70% of the population holds a college degree. This small but mighty city is Michigan's leader in innovation.

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