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Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location
Don Knight at classic Ann Arbor steakhouse Knight's new downtown location - Doug Coombe | Show Photo

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Mix Studio Theater: Rethinking Retail Space

The promotion of mixed-use development has become a clarion call for progressive urbanists. But why limit the concept to streets and neighborhoods? How about retail spaces and storefronts? That's just what the Mix in Ypsilanti is doing.

OpEd: Vote Yes to Buses and a More Connected Community

The upcoming May 6 vote is designed to get more people on board with boarding the bus. Carolyn Lusch, a regular bus rider and coordinator of the MDetroit Center Connector shuttle, opines on why expanded bus service in the Ann Arbor/Ypsi areas will help to create a more connected, equitable region.

Cool Jobs: Matthew Altruda - Music Impresario

With bands like Tally Hall, Mayer Hawthorne and Michelle Chamuel grabbing the national spotlight, Ann Arbor has been quietly producing first-rate music for a while now. If it was up to Matthew Altruda we'd be a lot louder about it. As the city's unofficial rock impresario and biggest booster, Altruda is the big brains behind Sonic Lunch, The Puck Drops Here, and Tree Town Sounds.

U-M's School of Social Work: Not Just an Ivory Tower

More than just a well-respected educational institution, U-M's School of Social Work assigns hundreds of students to work for and with nonprofits throughout Washtenaw County. Those students have become a uniquely powerful community asset, offering much-needed support to local organizations and acting as ambassadors for new ideas and strategies.

Washtenaw Avenue: The region's next best place to live?

Suburban communities all around Michigan are struggling with outdated notions of development. Here, in the Ann Arbor area, you have only to look at pedestrian-unfriendly Washtenaw Ave to see the legacy of poor urban design. The ReImagine Washtenaw project hopes to correct that by creating a transit corridor where people will one day work, live and play.

5 Things Ann Arbor Could Do To Attract Young Professionals (But Isn't)

Communities change whether we plan for it or not. In charting Ann Arbor's next stage responding to the needs and desires of the Millennial generation (76 million strong) is not simply a matter of indulgence but a social reality. They are, literally, our future. So how do we attract and keep the best and brightest of them? We have some ideas...

Exporting Ann Arbor Beer (and Business Culture) to India

Craft brews are all the rage - here and abroad. So the decision to bring Ann Arbor Brewing Company's brewpub concept to India seemed like an easy, sure-fire hit of a business plan, right? Not quite. Matt and Rene Greff share their experiences opening ABC in Bangalore, a city with very different rules, customs and expectations.

Ann Arbor Roller Derby Raises its Game

Blockers. Jammers. Fresh meat. Roller Derby is more than just the latest hipster entertainment, it's a growing sport with calls for inclusion in the Olympics. Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti's trio of teams may indulge in hilariously cheeky names but they are packing some serious athletic mojo.

Guest Blogger: Tom Woiwode

Southeast Michigan's city rivers are no longer urban backwaters. Tom Woiwode, director of the GreenWays Initative at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, frames the 100-mile Huron River as a destination and valuable economic resource.

Coffeeshop Workshop: 826 Comes to Beezy's

Necessity is the mother of invention... and innovation. What else would turn a breakfast and lunch cafe into a tutoring space? Well, the generosity of Beezy's Bee Roll, who offered 826Michigan her space for their evening tutoring workshops when Ypsilanti Middle School closed its doors.

EMU and Leelanau Conservancy Partner to Save Historic Farm

A historic preservationist and land preservationist walk into a farm... No, it's not the set-up for a joke. It's a partnership between two disciplines dedicated to keeping Michigan's culture and history alive. EMU researchers and students teamed with the Up North Conservancy to not only restore but continue working the fields on a 200-year-old family farm on the Leelanau Peninsula.

EMU's Rackham Hall: Balancing History and Innovation

Balancing heritage with innovation is always a tricky proposition but with the impending multi-million dollar renovation of EMU's Rackham Hall careful attention is being paid to both its art-deco past and educational future.

Q&A: Anistia Thomas of the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Black Chamber of Commerce

With nearly 3,200 African-American businesses in the region, Anistia Thomas thought it was high time to develop an Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Black Chamber Of Commerce. Concentrate's Patrick Dunn chats with the business owner to discuss how her organization will serve its members.

Permaculture Sees an Abundant Michigan

It's only (eco) logical. Permaculture takes the long-term view on sustainable design and farming practices, with an emphasis on "perennial food systems" and waste recycling. Concentrate talks with the founder of the Abundant Michigan, Permaculture Ypsi group, a local leader in the building and farming practices of tomorrow.

Guest Blogger: Amanda Taylor

Continuing our series of new college grads giving their post-grad outlooks, EMU alumna Amanda Taylor, who chose to remain rooted in Ann Arbor for her graduate psychology studies, writes on the area's educational and socioeconomic diversity.
109 Articles | Page: | Show All
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