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Solar energy research center proposed for Ypsilanti Township

Southfield-based V-Max USA, which produces high-end batteries, is planning a new Ypsilanti Township facility in order to expand its developing solar energy business. This means producing "advanced" solar packages that can be distributed to contractors who install solar energy systems into customer homes.


"Preliminary site plans submitted to the Ypsilanti Township Planning Department call for a 30,000-square foot facility, and the project could be in front of the planning commission later this month, said township planning coordinator Joe Lawson.

The building is planned for an 18-acre vacant property at 1879 W. Michigan Ave. near the Ellsworth Road intersection."

Read the rest here.

EMU develops phone app to promote better study habits

Here's something for older folks to grouse about: a phone app that rewards students for better study habits. Can't you almost hear them say, "How about good grades? Isn't that reward enough?" Oh, grandpa.


"Students earn points for activities such as meeting with a tutor or success coach, attending campus events and more. Points accumulate and can be used to “purchase” items in a prize store or used at the end of the year to bid on major benefits such as free tuition, housing, a meal plan, a tablet device or gift cards to the campus book store."

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EMU gets $3.26 million gift for special ed, music therapy programs

Eastern Michigan University was handed a $3.26 million gift from long-time supporters William and Delores Brehm. The philanthropic couple are dedicated to growing the university's special education programs and have, over the years, donated more than $8 million to the school.


"Dee Brehm, herself a graduate of EMU’s special education program, says that their objective is to help train special education professionals and researchers who will lead the way in supporting people with disabilities as well as those who can benefit from music therapy."

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A guide to hosting your wedding in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit

The sun is out, birds are singing and couples are looking to tie the knot in the best and most memorable way possible. Eater offers a guide for brides and grooms to be.


Duck and cover because summer means wedding season. Time to pull out your cocktail dress and prepare to overindulge and celebrate happy unions. While many couples will opt for the traditional reception halls around town, Southeast Michigan's restaurants provide some great options for hosting celebrations. So pour yourself a glass of bubbly and tighten your tie. Here are 20 awesome restaurant locations that transform for the big day. 

Read the rest here.

Could a universal fare card link Ann Arbor and Detroit transit?

The Regional Transportation Authority of Southeast Michigan is working to make the region's public transportation easier to use with a universal fare card.


"The Authority is studying what kind of funding and policy decisions are needed to introduce universal fare card technology to the region. CEO Michael Ford says it’s a lengthy process."

Listen to the rest here.

Blogger digs into Ann Arbor's 826Michigan

A former EMU creative writing student decided to start a locally focused blog. She describes it as:

"Unpublished" is the journey of discovering Ann Arbor and everything it has to offer. It is exposing interiors; offering a deeper look at places I frequent. It is the gathering of recommendations from locals and my experiencing them for the first time. "Unpublished" is spreading Michigan roots in food, fashion, art, music, coffee and local business territories.

Her latest slice of local goodness is the nonprofit 826Michigan. Onward robots!


"Having a relationship with creative writing all of my life, and working with children for half of it, I am confident in saying that 826michigan is probably the coolest nonprofit organization. Ever."

Read the rest here.

Ann Arbor City council vows to grow affordable housing

As Ann Arbor lands in the top 10 for most economically segregated cities in the U.S., city officials say they are committed to changing that dynamic. Good to see that the conversation we started in earnest several months ago has snowballed into a serious exploration of what our community needs to accommodate residents of every stripe.


City Council this week voted, 10-1, to adopt affordable housing goals, the Ann Arbor News reported. That's part of a larger goal of adding 3,137 affordable non-student rental units between Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township over the next 20 years.

Officials also hope to increase demand for market-rate housing in the Ypsilanti area by 4,187 units.

Read the rest here.


Local startups use crowd funding to get a leg up

Crains offers a step-by-step primer on how local startups used crowd funding to get their businesses off the ground.


"Locally, cousins Lucy Carnaghi and Molly Mitchell used Kickstarter last year to raise the final $19,000 they needed to open Rose's Fine Food on East Jefferson Avenue. And Avegant Corp., an Ann Arbor-based startup, raised $1.5 million to produce a video headset called Glyph. 

But donors don't own any part of the business, and there is little to no recourse for them if a company fails to send the promised rewards. Kickstarter is littered with failures."

Read the rest here.

Former entrepreneur joins SPARK to assist new startups

Though it meant a pay cut, entrepreneur Bill Mayer has settled in as the vice president of entrepreneur services at Ann Arbor SPARK. The Freep chatted with him about his job.


Q: OK. Let's say, I'm just a guy who just got laid off from the line, and I decide I have the next best product, next great idea — and I want to start my own business. How do I build my network and surround myself with smart people?
A: Well, so that's why places like SPARK, TechTown and Automation Alley exist. They tend to be hubs for entrepreneurial activity. If you are an entrepreneur, like entrepreneurship, you are kind-of a tech junkie, you work for a start-up, you just want to see what this entrepreneurship is all about, come to a SPARK event. There are like-minded people here. If we have have 100 people at an event, and you don't walk away with 15 business cards, it's bad on you. We try to make it easy. And in the Midwest, we tend to be a pretty friendly bunch. One person will introduce you to three, each of those people will introduce you to three more.

Read the rest here.

A conversation about affordable housing in Ann Arbor

Both Mark Maynard and the Metro Times have decided to tackle the issue of affordable housing - or rather the growing lack of such - in Ann Arbor. As usual their thoughts are both insightful and empathetic.

Excerpt from Mark Maynard:

"I don’t have any problem with affordable housing. I think it’s a good thing. What I have a real problem with, however, is segregation. I have a problem with a system where it’s accepted that some towns are “too nice” for the poor. And I find it doubly infuriating when these nice, liberal communities, once they’ve forced their most vulnerable citizens beyond their borders, mount campaigns to stop attempts at regional cooperation, as we recently saw play out in the battle over the AATA’s expanded role in providing bus service within Washtenaw County. Many people in Ann Arbor cried out that they didn’t want their tax dollars going to fund the transportation of people in Ypsilanti, in spite of the fact that many of those people were probably Ann Arborites before they were forced out due to the cost of living. And the same goes for everything from our public schools to our police departments."

Excerpt from the Metro Times:

"It's a good post, one that inspired a lot of people to join in with comments of their own. The general tone is one of despair at what Ann Arbor has become, how it has fallen from its days as a scrappy campus town with a good mix of incomes. After reading them, we come away agreeing that without lots of different kinds of people of different classes with different perspectives, a city is a less interesting place. As for subsidies, one needn't not have a job to not receive subsidies. The fact is, everybody in the United States gets some sort of subsidy, not just the odd person who makes it their life's work to avoid earning a living."

Read Mark's observations and opinions here.

Read the Metro Times respone here.

Local artist in the CriticCar spotlight

We've put our own spotlight on Cre Fuller and his fantastic Angry Tin Men in Concentrate in the past. Now, sporting a pair of award ribbons from Maker Faire, Detroit's CriticCar gets even more of his story.

Watch the video below.


Local mayoral candidates in the spotlight

It's primary season which means that in a mostly democratic town those seeking office tend to be determined in the dog days of summer primaries when voter turnout is low. Here's hoping that Concentrate readers turn out in higher percentages than the populace at large.

Ann Arbor News / mlive has a round up of links on how the candidates voted on various hot button issues here.

The Ann Arbor Chronicle explores what kinds of personas the candidates have carved out for themselves here.

The Ypsilanti Courier reports on mayoral forum here.

Ann Arbor News endorses Amanda Edmonds for Ypsilanti mayor here.

Ann Arbor News endorses Christopher Taylor for Ann Arbor mayor here.

St. Joseph's is tops for heart surgery

Usually it's ":U-M this. And U-M that." I'm sure St. Joe's in Ypsilanti is glad to get a piece of the limelight for a change.


"St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor was named one of the top 15 hospitals in the country in Consumer Reports first-ever rating of hospitals in heart surgery.

More than 400 hospitals were rated in 45 states plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico based on data for two heart surgeries: surgical aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass graft surgery, an operation done to treat blocked coronary arteries."

Read the rest here.

Relive the glory of Totally Awesome Fest via Internet video

For 10 years now, Ypsilanti has been home to a sprawling DIY festival of art and music that takes over local venues, businesses and homes. It is known as Totally Awesome Fest and if you haven't had the privilege to attend, well, here's your chance to see what all the hubbub is about.

Watch it below...

A Totally Awesome Film from Adam Wright on Vimeo.

Ypsilanti DDA considers improvement funds for freight house

So close... the Friends of the Freight House are closing in on their funding target to properly rehab the hsitoric structure.


"Currently, an estimated $300,000 is needed to address fire suppression, bathrooms and heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues that need to be fixed before the building can be occupied. Last week Ypsilanti City Council voted to approve $220,000 in funding for the project and an estimated $40,000 has also been committed by several other organizations."

Read the rest here.
161 Ypsilanti Articles | Page: | Show All
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