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Scott Sandford

I work in various areas helping to better integrate the financial strategy of this recently acquired J&J subsidiary into the larger whole of the parent company. This has mainly revolves around leveraging assets of the larger corporation to help make the smaller company more effective in the marketplace. It's been tremendous to be able to work for a company that still retains so much of its "start-up" feel while having the backing of a Fortune 50 company. I found the position through on-campus recruiting at Duke, and having heard so many great things about Ann Arbor and the state as a whole from school friends who had gone to U of M undergrad I had no reservations in coming to A2. It's allowed me to complete the shedding my former NYC CPA life and become someone I'm more comfortable with in an unbelievable backdrop.

Job Title: Senior Financial Analyst
Company: Wellness and Prevention
College: Duke University, MBA, Concentrations in Healthcare & Finance, Fuqua School of Business, Durham, NC

Mike Bell

I am responsible for the creative output of the agency. I navigate both traditional creative media and the digital domain with equal agility, selecting only what's necessary to serve the campaign, then making sure those channels flow together without a ripple. My experience includes Rubbermaid, La-Z-Boy, the Ohio Lottery, major hospital systems and everything from toys to tires.

Job Title: Creative Director
Company: Hile Design
College: Bowling Green State University, BFA, Graphic Design, Bowling Green, OH

Erica Vitkin

I have had a long history working with food, restaurants, craft beer, wine, and any other wonderful refreshments that go into a great event. As the former Marketing Director for a restaurant company out of Kalamazoo, switching gears to a catering company in Ann Arbor was a nice fit.

Something I love doing since I began my work at Katherine’s Catering, is a monthly contest I developed that awards our guests for getting creative (2 dozen fresh baked cookies for a great haiku, coffee service with breakfast pastries for sending a photo proving why you need coffee, etc), and the feedback has been fantastic and creative. Marketing to me is much more than promoting a product, it’s about creating an open dialogue between businesses and their guests/fans. I’m lucky I get to work in a field that allows me to think outside the box everyday, run with my wacky ideas, and get creative through photography and graphic design. And the free food isn’t bad either…

Job Title: Marketing Director
Company: Katherine’s Catering
College: Western Michigan University, Double Major: Public Relations, Philosophy, Concentration in Professional Ethics, Kalamazoo, MI

Daniel Levy

I am an iOS Engineer at Mobiata (a brand of Expedia). I work on FlightTrack and FlightBoard -- either adding new features or fixing bugs found by users and QA. Working on mobile apps in the travel category is very rewarding. Every day, I get to think about how to make people's trips easier and more enjoyable. I think about the best way to show airport terminal maps, flight statuses, what information travelers will need for different parts of their journey, and then I get to code it and make it reality. Because so many people use our apps, fixing a bug or adding a feature is an awesome feeling, because I know millions of people will benefit from a change I made.

I found out about Mobiata through my college network. The founder and a few other employees are alumni, so they came to recruit graduating students. Along with making awesome apps, I loved that Mobiata was located in historic Nickels Arcade. They had pods of desks rather than cubicles or individual offices, which encouraged collaboration. That everyone, including the founder, worked together in the same room also reenforced the idea that we all play an equally important part in the end product. It felt like a family instead of a company.

I had no idea what to expect from Michigan. I just knew that I was moving to a college town. I now love Michigan. I am near Detroit, Chicago, a major airport, and natural beauty. San Francisco is considered to be the epicenter of the tech industry, but working in Ann Arbor provides me with opportunities that I might not have there. The work environment and town are also more relaxed and my earnings go a lot farther.

Job Title: iOS Engineer
Company: Mobiata
College: Carleton College, Double Major, Math and Computer Science, Northfield, MN

Steve Beisheim

As a Wellness Consultant my job is to help people get happy.  I help shift my clients' biochemistry using diet, mind/body and energy releasing techniques.  I love seeing how making small shifts in any of these areas always lead to a profound increase in their wellbeing.  Ann Arbor was a great place to establish my business because it is full of health conscious and forward thinking individuals who don't mind thinking outside the traditional box.  I don't use a one size fits all approach because everyone's body is different and each individual will have their own unique needs. What makes my services unique is that I support my clients as they make physical changes in their lives so I'm there to answer questions and address concerns along the way.  Combined with gratitude practices and other unique emotional releasing techniques, my clients work with me to reestablish their inherent wellness at a pace that's comfortable for them.  My educational background providing therapy and my research in personalized nutrition makes this an ideal career for me.  

Find out more information at SteveBeisheim.com

Job Title: Wellness Consultant
Company: Independent Consultant
College: Emerson College, Journalism, Boston, MA

Kate Maher

I am the software developer and database administrator for a small business in Ann Arbor that does consulting for OEMs and dealerships all over the world.  I enjoy my job because I have a lot of flexibility and freedom in what I create and design, and because of the size of the company I get to be involved in the entire product life cycle.  I am the only one who does what I do at my company, so there is a lot of autonomy.  When I was looking for a job seven years ago, Michigan (astonishingly) had the most opportunities and I was quickly snatched up!  I was happy to come back to Ann Arbor, as I love this city.  There is always something to do, it's very safe, has wonderful libraries, and I got a great deal on a house close to the Huron, so I can go for a quick paddle whenever I want!  I'm involved in a wonderful church family and am surrounded by interesting and well educated people, including other software engineers which helps when I want to bounce around ideas.  The tech community in this area is big, and provides a healthy environment for start ups and like-minded developers.

Job Title: Software Engineer & Database Administrator
Company: ADMI
College: University of Michigan, College of Engineering - Computer Science (BSE CSE), School of Information - Human Computer Interaction (MSI), Ann Arbor, MI

Scott Sarasin

GDI Infotech is an Information Technology Consulting and Solutions Company focused on Information Management and Integration. GDI’s flexible delivery models include onsite staffing, offsite project services, and offshore development. Scott brings 25+ years’ experience in business development for IT professional services, consulting, and managed services.

GDI delivers solutions using the powerful InfoReady Action Platform which enables GDI to develop information discovery and collaboration applications quickly and at far less cost.

InfoReady changes the way people work by channeling complex, diverse, disparate data into a clear, homogenous, user-obvious environment in order to find, act, track, collaborate, and thrive. I will be responsible for client relationships and for growing new business in key industries.

I have valuable experience to lead GDI on the growth path that it is poised to embark on. I have worked in sales and marketing leadership roles with technology based solutions to industries that include high-tech, automotive, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, electronics, transportation, and more. I have worked with companies such as Software Services Corp, AppNet, Commerce One, GoIndustry, and CDI Business Solutions. Previous experience also includes program development, service delivery, and client support / customer service.

Job Title: EVP of Sales & Client Engagement
Company: GDI Infotech
College: Northern Michigan University, Bachelors Degree, Business Administration, Marquette, MI

Adam Janower

I found my job at the University of Michigan Engineering Career Fair. I was immediately attracted to the startup atmosphere and fun culture. I work with many friendly and energetic young professionals, and this population also helped me decide to live and work in Ann Arbor. I implement our clients on the MyBuys' product, so they can receive the benefit of our personalized product recommendations. This involves coding and automating jobs that extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from our clients. I enjoy working with big data, and MyBuys receives plenty every day. I also program the front end, web technologies that will render our clients' Alerts and Web Recommendation zones. The best part about the job is the flexibility. I am developing my engineering and professional skills constantly in a rotational program, where we get to focus on innovation. I work very hard and make an impact in a fun environment!

Job Title: Software Engineer Associate
Company: MyBuys
College: University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Computer Science, Ann Arbor, MI

Fabio Croce

After participating in 2005 to the LHC particle accelerator design at CERN, the goal for my career was to further improve my education in advanced fields of engineering. The decision was driven by the fact that the requirements for LHC project did not allow errors or billions would have been wasted for a wrong design. As a young engineer I was impressed how nowadays you have the tools to simulate reality in its minimal details and deliver accurate results before any prototype has been built. Given my natural curiosity and the desire to understand “what is under the hood”, I decided I wanted to be able to develop such tools, rather than simply being a user of them. Moreover the desire of studying this field represented the perfect fit for my background in classical engineering and the personal passion for programming.

For these reasons in 2006 I moved to Chicago to study for a PhD in multibody dynamics with a project founded by Caterpillar. After earning my PhD I continued my research activity working for CAT in the Chicago area. In December 2011 I was offered a position in Ann Arbor by MSC.Software, the worldwide leader in virtual prototyping and owner of products like NASTRAN and ADAMS. MSC collaborated with NASA since the 60s to develop NASTRAN for aerospace programs, while ADAMS was born at the University of Michigan in the 1974 and through the years become the reference in multibody dynamic simulation software. Just to mention one of the last achievements, ADAMS played a key role in designing the rover Curiosity that NASA landed on Mars on August 5th 2012, especially for the ability to simulate conditions of operation unattainable on the Earth.

With the above premises it was obvious for me to accept the position and move to Ann Arbor, since it represented the possibility to work and learn from the people who made the history in my field of studying. The initial project from the 70s is still the core of today software – showing how much a good initial design can be durable – and some people who currently work at MSC in Ann Arbor have almost 30 years of experience in dynamic simulation. Every day I go to work I am amazed how much I can learn from the experience of my colleagues, wishing one day to have their same strength in this field.

It has to be underlined that the driven factor for virtual prototyping is not just the advantage of cutting costs and a faster deliverable design, but mostly the possibility to simulate conditions which are not easy to reproduce in real life and to perform optimization algorithms on virtual models unattainable with standard techniques. For these reasons the areas of application include typical engineering fields like aerospace, automotive, rail-road systems, while new developments in the medical field are the frontier of simulation. For instance using fluid-dynamics equations to model the blood inside human body is just fascinating and opens the possibility of studying new treatments for illnesses. I believe this is a valuable field where engineers and doctors can work together for making a positive impact on our society, as well as predicting the life of an aircraft, car or high-speed train via dynamic simulation makes everyday life safer.

Job Title: ADAMS Product Development
Company: MSC Software
College: University of Illinois, Ph.D., M.Sc., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chicago, Illinois

Daniel Jenuwine

Richner & Richner is pleased to announce the promotion of Daniel Jenuwine to Senior Consultant.

Jenuwine joined the firm in 2007 as Consultant and Director of Operations. As Senior Consultant he will guide and coach Richner & Richner’s non-profit clients on all aspects of relationship-based fundraising, including major gifts, planned giving, and campaigns.

“This promotion is in recognition of the outstanding service Dan has provided to our clients over the past six years and the great skills he has honed providing strategic fundraising counsel,” said Richner & Richner co-founder and partner Cedric Richner.

Jenuwine lives in Troy with his wife and two children. He has over twenty-two years of experience in fundraising and non-profit finance, operations, and program development. Prior to joining Richner & Richner, he held key positions at the Michigan Colleges Foundation, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and at Wayne State University.

Founded in 1997, Richner & Richner advises non-profit organizations across the U.S. on the design and implementation of comprehensive, tailored fundraising strategies to achieve ongoing, sustainable success. Services include strategy development; campaign planning; staff development and training; donor portfolio and relationship development; feasibility studies; planned giving program development; and program audits. The firm serves a wide range of clients including: retirement communities and senior service organizations; health & human service organizations; poverty alleviation organizations; education organizations; and community, cultural & environmental organizations.

Job Title: Senior Consultant
Company: Richner & Richner
College: Walsh College, Masters Degree, Troy, MI

Kristen Veresh

I took a sort of roundabout path to my current position, with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering, followed by some time spent in Chicago, working in finance. However, after graduating from law school, I was ready to move back to my home state to begin work as an attorney. My main focus in my practice is on transactional work as a member of Varnum's regulatory law group. Much of the work that I do involves corporate transactional work and also working with lending institutions in commercial financing transactions; i.e., loan origination transactions.

Job Title: Attorney
Company: Varnum LLP
College: University of Michigan, College of Engineering, Industrial and Operations Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI

David Hardcastle

My job...It is an amazing position, Machinetools.com is the worlds #1 machine tool marketplace. To help understand what we do, we are like autotrader.com for manufacturing machinery and tooling. Our customers come to us to connect with people all over the world who are looking to buy machinery and tooling. I oversee all of the day to day operations of the company. We have a team of 15 located in 4 states and 3 countries around the globe. We are going through some internal organizational changes that I am playing a key role in helping to restructure the company in order to pursue growth opportunities. Specifics include; leading the redevelopment of our sales initiatives, launching a new version of our website, created a new software application aimed our our industry, creation of a new mobile site and a Machinetools App, among other projects.

Before I was hired, I was actually working with the CEO/President of the company as a consultant when he decided to make an offer I couldn't refuse and I joined Machinetools full time. While the company is based in West Bloomfield Michigan. We decided that with everything that Ann Arbor has to offer, we should open an Ann Arbor Satellite office, which is where I now work.

Job Title: Vice President of Operations
Company: Machinetools.com
College: Eastern Michigan University, College of Business, MBA, Ypsilanti, MI

Kelsey Elliott

As a sales rep for Pearson Education, I represent the largest educational publishing company in the world.  I am in charge of a sales territory that consists of 10 colleges and universities in Metro Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.  I visit college professors, deans, and department chairs at each of these schools to not only service my current customers, but also expand my products in other courses and departments.  I started with Pearson in Columbus, OH and was promoted to my current position in January 2011.  I chose this area because I really liked my hiring manager and the sales growth opportunity thay my terriory displayed.  My favorite part of my job is working with all the amazing professors.  I have learned so much from them and have gained an even greater respect for Michigan Higher Education!

Job Title: Publisher's Sales Rep
Company: Pearson Education
College: Heidelberg University, Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations, Tiffin, OH

Jessica Levine

I’m a marketing coordinator for Canton Leisure Services and a Johns Hopkins University student pursuing a master’s degree in digital communication. This fully-online program addresses how to use the Internet and social media to reach out to diverse audiences and how to incorporate digital with traditional communication campaigns; the coursework accordingly compliments my professional experiences with Facebook, Twitter, Paperlinks, and an email newsletter service. We’re currently promoting the Canton Liberty Fest (a community event, with elephant ears and fireworks) via Instagram. My coworkers are lovely.

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator
Company: Canton Leisure Services
College: Grand Valley State University, Bachelor of Arts, Professional Writing, Allendale, MI

Dawn Bomay

I am a Technical Recruiter at OtterBase. We are a staffing agency located in Livonia. OtterBase has 5 offices, Livonia, Grand Rapids, Minniapolis, Boston, and Nashville. At the Livonia office, we essentially work as an extension of different company’s HR staff, by way of finding candidates to fill temporary or permanent positions at that company. After learning the in’s and out’s of a specific position that needs to be filled, I hit the job boards and social media to try and find potential candidates. After finding a candidate that may be a good fit, I bring them in for an interview with myself. I then submit them and guide them through the interviewing process with the company. I really love my job. I’ve learned a lot about different companies, industries, and jobs that I never knew existed, and I get to talk to new and interesting people every day. Being that I work on different jobs every few days, no day is the same. It is an immense feeling of success when one of my candidates gets hired! I found the job by speaking with Jaime Benzin, the Special Projects Manager at OtterBase, at a career fair at Western Michigan University. I was living in Kalamazoo at the time, and quickly moved out to Ann Arbor to be close to my new job.

Job Title: Technical Recruiter
Company: OtterBase
College: Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

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