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Seth Michael Kontny

I have been developing  applications I'm working on, and I could use more help. Invest and funding to establish company's, and create opportunity.

1st Company: SleepMedx: sleep medical applications, and kiosks. Persona network of each patient. New patient interaction and automation. Personally I cannot share details here however I'm open to programmers/developers willing to be apart of something amazing, and profit will follow.

2nd: Company: InnoaVox is what I call data sensory transmissions. Since we are on brink of computational change, and we know autonomous vehicles are established. Connectivity of all devices is only begun. I'm connecting medical devices inner and outer networks. However innoaVox is vehicle interface UX Design, custom driver interactions. Creating new approaches of connected experiences and applications for intelligent transportation systems. I spoke of connectivity of devices (Internet or things) well options are endless, and confusion populates automotive market. Ford sync with driver distraction and proxy. Connecting mobile phone / application to run proxy prior to establishing connection to vehicle interface / proxy regulates / constrains development. Blocking can-bus sensors intentionally. Other automotive suppliers have different approaches, and all are unique and very similar. This market is still unknown and regulated federally. This market is also untapped, leaving options for "how can you connected and implement application / experience into vehicle."

This is where I come in! This is where I'm building applications and helping others link into or develop concepts for them and their applications. I'm looking for other programmer and developers around Michigan to design, develop and deploy applications into mobile and connectivity of vehicle.

Again options are endless. Right in Ann Arbor we have www.www.meetup.com/connectedcar.
Attendees gathered are amongst Ford, General  Motors, Chrysler, intel, IBM, automotive researchers and many more. This is Detroit motor city capital of the world and we need to adopt new approaches, build teams, and start making opportunities happen, develop applications for tailored experiences, and unlock potential. Collaboration is vital and will benefit in massive amounts.
Job Title: Entrepreneur
Company: SleepMedx
College: University of Michigan, IT, Business, Advertising and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Flint, MI
High School: Holly High School, Holly, MI
Lives In: Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor, MI

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