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Life Sciences

It takes good DNA to establish a healthy bioscience industry and Washtenaw County's gene pool is deep and wide. Along with the academic and research power of the University Of Michigan, there's also the relentless advocacy of SPARK and Michbio, Michigan's life sciences trade association.

You can play connect-the-dots with the successful life science startups that have popped up around Ann Arbor: Nanobio, Cerenis Therapeutics, QuatRx, Compendia Bioscience, Oxford Biomedical, Velesco, the list goes on and on and on. Washtenaw County's biosciences are truly the shape of things to come --for Michigan and the world!


Kira Berman at the U of M Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Talking Hypotheticals at U-M's Science Cafe

Care for a little Higgs boson with your pint of stout? Once a month U-M's Museum of Natural History plays host to the Science Cafe at Conor O'Neil's. Mixing libations with inspiration, this highbrow happy hour introduces locals to university researchers while addressing the latest scientific hot topic. Think of it as a way to strengthen and lose brain cells at the same time.


Our Post-Pfizer Economy

When Pfizer left Ann Arbor it was hard not to view the glass as half empty. Five years and 16 start-ups later, that perspective has started to reverse. And in many ways, the transition from one large company to many more entrepreneurial efforts is exactly what our community and state needs to establish a healthier long term economy.


Got Talent? A Conversation with Kurt Riegger

When it comes to building a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, Kurt Riegger, COO of OcuSciences, argues that there's no lack of ideas or innovations in Ann Arbor. Talent with enough experience to execute on those ideas may be another question. Riegger has launched, funded, and advised 26 companies, and chats with Concentrate about what our community needs to succeed.


The Re-Investors

With the successful exits of Esperion and Accuri, CEO's Roger Newton and Jen Baird could have taken the money and run. Instead, they're establishing new local ventures, reinvesting in Michigan's future, and helping to grow our entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Raw Talent: Chef Swaroop Bhojani, PhD

Whether it's in a research lab or restaurant kitchen, the ability to perfectly mix ingredients is vital for success. Dr. Mahaveer Swaroop Bhojani has got both domains down but until now has only made a career of one. Last week, however, the U-M researcher opened A2's very first Chaat House. Don't know what that is? Read on.
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Accuri Cytometers

From co-founder Collin Rich's kitchen table to the offices of U-M's Tech Transfer office to shipping their high tech cytometers to laboratories all over the world, Accuri Cytometers is a model for Ann Arbor startup know-how, and success.

Tech Transfer

From laboratory to marketplace, U-M's Tech Transfer Office plays matchmaker, introducing local venture capitalists to promising new technologies. And with $850 million in research and over 300 discoveries each year at the university the potential for crossover is tremendous.

HandyLab, Inc.

  If you're looking for the perfect example of a company that leverages Michigan's new innovations and old strengths, look no further than HandyLab. From biomedical research to the engineering and manufacturing of cutting edge technologies, this Ann Arbor company represents the next evolution for Michigan's economy.   

Michigan Research Institute

What do Humvees, egg pasteurization and toe nail fungus have in common? They are the focus of companies working alongside one another at the Michigan Research Institute, an Ann Arbor not-for-profit incubator space dedicated to nurturing promising new technology firms.
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